Top 28 Benguet Tourist Spot

Benguet Tourist SpotBenguet, especially in La Trinidad, Atok, and Itogon, has a lot of hidden tourist spots. It is a wonderful getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life because of its picturesque mountain views, peaceful atmosphere, and refreshing cool breeze.

The province of Benguet is best known as the location of Baguio City, a popular Philippine tourist hub and the so-called “Summer Capital of the Philippines.”

Benguet is a landlocked province of the Philippines that is situated at the southernmost point of the Cordillera Administrative Region on the island of Luzon. La Trinidad serves as the nation’s capital.

Benguet Tourist Spots 2022

These are the most popular hidden tourist spots and destinations in La Trinidad, Atok, and Itogon, Benguet, Philippines.

28 Benguet Tourist Spot
28 Benguet Tourist Spot

Read on to learn about the Benguet Tourist Spots in the Philippines!

1. Mt. Pulag

Mt. Pulag - Benguet Tourist Spots (La Trinidad, Atok, Itogon) : Hidden Spots
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Mount Pulag is the highest peak in Luzon, rising 2,928 meters (9,606 feet) above sea level. It is also the third-highest mountain in the Philippines, after Mount Apo and Mount Dulang-dulang, and the 26th-highest peak on Earth.

Mount Pulag‘s “sea of clouds” and spectacular sunrise Milky Way Galaxy view draw numerous tourists in search of “otherworldly” landscapes. In addition, the mountain’s peak is located on the triple border of the provinces of Benguet, Ifugao, and Nueva Vizcaya.

2. Philippine Military Academy

Philippine Military Academy
Image source: filchemtech

The Philippine Military Academy or PMA (one of the Benguet tourist spots) is the country’s most prestigious institution for training future officers for the Philippine Armed Forces (AFP).

In addition, the National Defense Act of 1935 authorized its development on December 21, 1936. It was designed to resemble West Point, the United States Military Academy in New York. The academy is the primary institution for training future AFP officers and is situated in the city of Baguio.

Address: 9J69+9Q3, Baguio, 2600 Benguet

3. Northern Blossom Flower Farm

Northern Blossom Flower Farm - Benguet Tourist Spots (La Trinidad, Atok, Itogon) : Hidden Spots
Image source: localguidesconnect

The newest tourist destination in the region is Northern Blossom Flower Farm (a tourist spot in Atok, Benguet), which is perched above the rugged Brgy. Paoay in Atok, Benguet. After tourists shared breathtaking and captivating images, it quickly became popular on social media.

For those who enjoy stunning mountain vistas and flower fields, the Northern Blossom Flower Farm, which is regarded as a gorgeous and Instagram-worthy location, is the ideal vacation spot.

Address: JQG9+4HG, Atok, Benguet

4. Mt. Yangbew

Mt. Yangbew - Benguet Tourist Spots (La Trinidad, Atok, Itogon) : Hidden Spots
Image source: jovialwanderer

With a height of 1648 meters, Mount Yangbew (one of the tourist spots in La Trinidad Benguet) is the highest mountain in the municipality (the major starting point is Sitio Binat, Barangay Tawang). It has developed into a popular location for both local hikers and visitors traveling from Baguio City.

Additionally, it is also called “Mount Jambo” because of the fact that during the American Era, it served as the location for the Boy Scouts of America’s National Scout Jamboree.

Address: FJ34+HRV, Mt Jumbo Trail, La Trinidad, Benguet

5. Good Shepherd Convent

Good Shepherd Convent - Benguet Tourist Spots (La Trinidad, Atok, Itogon) : Hidden Spots
Image source: traveltripsters

The Good Shepherd Convent Souvenir Shop is a local favorite. It contains food products the Good Shepherd nuns at the Mountain Made Training Center produced. They are a little more expensive than other brands, but you can count on them to be of the highest quality and have an unparalleled taste.

In addition to its convenient location close to other popular tourist destinations like Mines View Park and Wright Park.

Address: CJCG+P69, Gibraltar Rd, Baguio, 2600 Benguet

6. Lourdes Grotto

Lourdes Grotto
Image source: tripadvisor

This Catholic shrine and pilgrimage site is known as the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes (one of the Benguet tourist spots). It is known for its statue of the Virgin Mary, which is located on a hillside.

Aside from that, the Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto, it is considered to be one of the most well-known tourist destinations in Baguio City. This well-known location, which is frequently the subject of photographs, sees an increase in foot traffic on Sundays and during Holy Week, when devotees and pilgrims come to ask the Virgin Mary for her blessing.

Address: CH5J+R6P, Dominican Hill Rd, Baguio, 2600 Benguet

7. Tekip Falls

Tekip Falls - Benguet Tourist Spots (La Trinidad, Atok, Itogon) : Hidden Spots
Image source: reddit

The Tekip Falls is a towering natural beauty that can be found in Poblacion, Bakun, Benguet. It is likely the most well-known waterfall in the municipality, and it is also the waterfall that is easiest to access.

You will come across one of the highest footbridges in the neighborhood, which will provide you with a breathtaking view of the surrounding community area. And as you make your way to Tekip Falls, you’ll have a chance to get a broader perspective of the neighborhood, with Mount Kabunian serving as the backdrop.

Address: QMW6+Q42, Bakun, Benguet

8. Burnham Park

Burnham Park
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Burnham Park (one of the tourist spots in Benguet), which is also known as Burnham Park Reservation. It is in the heart of downtown Baguio. It was designed by Daniel Burnham, an American architect and Baguio City Planner.

Furthermore, tourists will find it the most accessible and handy. It is close to most hotels and offers a variety of activities. Biking, skating, boating, running, and other activities are available, and food is available on practically every corner of the park.

Address: Jose Abad Santos Dr, Baguio, 2600 Benguet

9. Halsema Half Tunnel

Halsema Half Tunnel - Benguet Tourist Spots (La Trinidad, Atok, Itogon) : Hidden Spots
Image source: flickr

A 50-meter half-tunnel (an Atok Benguet tourist spot) (with 3.8 meters of height clearance) has grown to be one of Atok’s most well-known attractions along the meandering Halsema Highway (Baguio-La Trinidad-Bontoc Road).

You will travel through the half tunnel right before arriving at the Atok Municipal Hall and Atok Tourist Center in Sayangan if you are coming from Baguio. There are various businesses and a restroom a short distance from the half-tunnel.

Address: JQ37+WX5, Halsema Highway, Atok, Benguet

10. Bayokbok Falls

Bayokbok Falls
Image source: danielsecotravels

Bayokbok Falls (one of the La Trinidad hidden Benguet tourist spots). The local economy may see a considerable boost from the sustainable management of this magnificent marvel, which would also help to preserve the natural environment.

In addition to the fact that “Bayokbok Falls is a waterfall located near the village of Tuel in Tublay, Benguet,” it is also true that “Bayokbok Falls is just a few minutes away from the Asin Hot Springs in the aforementioned village.”

Address: GHCH+GR9, La Trinidad, Benguet

11. Diplomat Hotel

Diplomat Hotel - Benguet Tourist Spots (La Trinidad, Atok, Itogon) : Hidden Spots
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In the Philippines, the Dominican Hill Retreat House, also known as the Diplomat Hotel is an old building on top of Dominican Hill in Baguio. It is now getting better due to the support of the city government.

The hotel is thought to be haunted by people who believe in the supernatural because of its violent history during World War II. In TV shows like Magandang Gabi, Bayan’s Halloween Special, AHA!, and Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, it was shown.

Address: Dominican Hill, Diplomat Road, Baguio, 2600 Benguet

12. Osocan Spanish Trail

Osocan Spanish Trail
Image source: pinoymountaineer

The Osocan Spanish Trail (one of the hidden tourist spots in Atok Benguet), with a trailhead between kilometers 46 and 47 on the nation’s highest roadway, is a brief but stunning trail that parallels Halsema Road.

In addition, the three ten-meter-long tunnels that you have to walk through in order to finish the two-to-three kilometer route on the Osocan Spanish Trail are what really make the hike worthwhile.

Address: HQX6+GV4, Atok, Benguet

13. Aran Cave

Aran Cave - Benguet Tourist Spots (La Trinidad, Atok, Itogon) : Hidden Spots
Image source: danielsecotravels

The Aran Cave in Tuba, is one of the hidden tourist spots in Benguet and a popular spelunking destination, known formerly as Tukang Cave. As the cave has not been fully explored, its length is unknown, but it may extend beyond Camp 3 and Twin Peaks into neighboring barangays.

On the adventure, your guide will tell you about the mystery of how a giant can live inside a cave where a normal human needs to crawl through crevices to get in.

Address: 54, Tuba, Benguet

14. Mines View Park

Mines View Park
Image source:

The Philippines’ northern suburbs of Baguio City, Mines View Park (one of the Benguet tourist spots) is a popular tourist spot in Luzon. It is one of the city’s oldest and most popular tourist attractions.

Tourists come to see the beautiful view of Baguio from the observation deck, as well as the beautiful scenery.

Furthermore, visitors to Mines View Park can take a scenic view of the mountains from the park’s view deck, shop for souvenirs, take pictures, etc., and eat the park’s grilled sweet corn and other delicacies.

Address: Mines View Observation Deck, Mines View, Baguio, Benguet

15. Mt. Timbak

Mt. Timbak - Benguet Tourist Spots (La Trinidad, Atok, Itogon) : Hidden Spots
Image source: nojuanisanisland

At an elevation of 2,717 meters above sea level (MASL), Mt. Timbak (a tourist spot in Benguet) is the third highest peak in Luzon and the ninth highest in the Philippines. Its primary landing area is located at KM 55, Atok, Benguet, and is conveniently reachable from Baguio City, the country’s summer capital.

Mt. Timbak is also called Mt. Singakalsa, and most hikers do it as part of the “Luzon 3-2-1,” in which they climb Luzon’s three highest peaks (Pulag, Tabayoc, and Timbak) in one trip.

16. Asin Hot Spring

Asin Hot Spring
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Asin Hot Springs (one of the tourist spots in Benguet) is a group of natural mineral hot springs in Tuba, Benguet, Philippines, near Baguio City. A number of resorts have been erected around these hot springs, attracting both locals and visitors to Baguio.

The springs are known for their hot therapeutic waters, which are especially popular during the winter. Instead of swimming pools, the resorts use cool mountain spring water in the summer. From November through May, the hot springs attract the most visitors.

Address: Ben Palispis Hiway, Asin Road, Tuba, 2603

17. Strawberry Farm

Strawberry Farm - Benguet Tourist Spots (La Trinidad, Atok, Itogon) : Hidden Spots
Image source: pinterest

strawberry farm (a La Trinidad Benguet tourist spot) in the Philippines’ Benguet province. Tourists are welcome to visit the La Trinidad strawberry farm. Visitors to the village of La Trinidad often stop by the Strawberry Farm in order to take pictures.

Benguet State University owns and maintains a strawberry field in La Trinidad, Benguet, which is located in Barangay Betag. Strawberry farms have a 79.49-hectare (196.4-acre) farm that is leased to local farmers for at least 500 to 1,000 square meters (5,400 to 10,800 square feet).

Address: Strawberry Farm, Swamp Area, La Trinidad, 2601 Benguet

18. Shamsham Falls

Shamsham Falls
Image source: danielsecotravels

The Shamsham Falls (one of the hidden Benguet tourist spots) is probably the tallest waterfall in Tublay. It is actually made up of at least three waterfalls. But the main waterfall is where most of the locals go to relax and have fun. It is taller than 60 feet and falls into a small, shallow pool.

Also, there are thick forests all around the waterfall, where you can often see different kinds of birds and flowers in bloom. Ninety-nine is what sham-sham means. The locals gave it that name to remember the 99 women who jumped off the falls during World War II to escape the Japanese.

19. Tam-Awan Village

Tam-Awan Village - Benguet Tourist Spots (La Trinidad, Atok, Itogon) : Hidden Spots
Image source:

By showing traditional Ifugao and Kalinga huts and modern art shows by local artists in Baguio City, Tam-awan Village (a tourist spot in Benguet) earned its name as a local idiom that means “vantage point.”

It’s a must-see during your stay in Baguio, and you’ll gain insight into the history and culture of our fellow Igorots.

Address: 366-C Long Long Benguet Rd, Baguio, 2600 Benguet

20. Mt. Pokgong

Mt. Pokgong
Image source: thefoxyigorota

Natural attractions in Balluay include Mt. Pok-gong (one of the tourist spots in Benguet). The mountain peak provides a beautiful view over the lowlands and coastal regions of the South China Sea as well as the neighboring mountain ranges of the province.

The guides there claimed that the peak was given its name after a local Philippine instrument used during the Japanese occupation. You will pass by rice terraces, sunflower and Californian bell pepper gardens, grasslands, bamboo woods, and pine ridges as you go.

21. Baguio Botanical Garden

Baguio Botanical Garden - Benguet Tourist Spots (La Trinidad, Atok, Itogon) : Hidden Spots
Image source:

The Botanical Garden in Baguio (a Benguet tourist spot) is one of the city’s most beautiful places for tourists to visit. A calming vibe makes it easy for visitors to get away from a busy city.

There are a lot of pine trees in the area, as well as bright flowers, sculptures that show the Cordillera tribes’ different rituals, and Igorots who are happy to pose for a picture with you for a small fee.

Furthermore, the history of the Botanical Garden in Baguio began a long time ago. This botanical garden used to be called Igorot Village because of the different Cordillera huts and statues that were there.

Address: 37 Leonard Wood Rd, Baguio, 2600 Benguet

22. Mt. Tenglawan

Mt. Tenglawan
Image source: adrenalineromance

In Bakun, Benguet, Mount Tenglawan (one of the Benguet tourist spots) is famous for its “Carrot Peak.” It is likely the toughest and furthest of the Bakun Trio mountains from Bakun Poblacion.

Benguet’s Bakun is renowned for having a “Rocky Wall of Beauties.” On top of a plateau surrounded by rugged promontories, Bakun Poblacion is also situated.

Address: RMM2+5G9, Bakun, Benguet

23. Pink Sisters’ Convent and Chapel

Pink Sisters’ Convent and Chapel - Benguet Tourist Spots (La Trinidad, Atok, Itogon) : Hidden Spots
Image source: prestigevacation

The Pink Sisters’ Convent and Chapel (a tourist spot in Benguet) is a pink-hued complex of a convent that is well-known for its solemn ambience, which is ideal for prayer, as well as its masses that include singing.

In addition to “the church is a convent,” it makes it a solemn setting ideal for spiritual reflection, prayer, and communion with God. It’s a safe haven from the worries and pressures of everyday life.

Address: CJ63+JGC, Brent Rd, Baguio, Benguet

24. Badi Falls

Badi Falls
Image source: danielsecotravels

Many people don’t realize that it is home to some of the world’s best eco-tourism spots. Badi Falls (one of the hidden tourist spots in Benguet) is becoming increasingly well-known as one of these.

In addition, the Kankanaey word “Bad-Badi” is the inspiration for the name of Badi Falls. Blue-brown earthworm-like insects are what this term describes. Their length ranges from 3 to 6 inches, and their width is between 6 and 7 millimeters.

Address: Badi Falls, Kapangan, Benguet

25. Bell Church

Bell Church - Benguet Tourist Spots (La Trinidad, Atok, Itogon) : Hidden Spots
Image source:

The Bell Church (a La Trinidad tourist spot) is a Chinese temple of the same-named Chinese Filipino indigenous religious institution in La Trinidad, Benguet, Philippines.

Furthermore, it is a significant religious and cultural site for the local Chinese Filipino community, as well as a tourist attraction in both La Trinidad and the neighboring city of Baguio, and has appeared in local films from the 1970s through the 1990s.

Address: CHJX+MH2, Bell Church Rd, La Trinidad, Benguet

26. Amburayan River

Amburayan River
Image source: facebook

The Amburayan River (one of the Benguet tourist spots) flows through the northern part of the Philippine island of Luzon. Beginning in the Cordillera mountains, it moves south through La Union and Ilocos Sur before ending up in Benguet. It flows into the South China Sea at a total length of 96 km (60 mi).

27. Session Road

Session Road - Benguet Tourist Spots (La Trinidad, Atok, Itogon) : Hidden Spots
Image source:

There’s a road called “Session Road” (a tourist spot in Benguet) because it’s where the Philippine Commission met for its first session. You can walk down Session Road from Luneta Hill to the Baguio City Market and see department stores, shops, old movie theaters, and hotels.

Furthermore, Session Road is a very busy and lively street, but it also has a beautiful promenade with buildings that look like they came from the middle of the 20th century and Art Deco styles.

28. Camp John Hay

Camp John Hay
Image source:

In Baguio, Philippines, there is a mixed-use development called Camp John Hay (one of the tourist spots in Benguet). It used to be a military base for the US Armed Forces. Now it is a tourist attraction and a forest watershed reserve for the Philippines.

Over the last 100 years, it has changed a lot. It was named after John Milton Hay, who was President Theodore Roosevelt’s Secretary of State when he worked there. As time passed, it was given to the Philippine government, which made the site popular with tourists.

Address: Loakan Road, Baguio City 2600 Philippines

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