List of Tourist Attractions in Baguio City

List of Tourist Attractions in Baguio City – It’s no secret there are a lot of beautiful places to visit in Baguio City and has long been a top tourist spot in the Philippines. As one of the tourist destinations, the City of Pines has a lot to offer both domestic and international visitors.

Tourist Attractions in Baguio City 2022

Discover why Baguio is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines. With the aid of this guide, you can learn about the new tourist spots in Baguio City.

List of Tourist Attractions in Baguio City
List of Tourist Attractions in Baguio City

Read on to learn about the list of tourist attractions in Baguio city!

1. Camp John Hay

Camp John Hay
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In Baguio, Philippines, there is a mixed-use development called “Camp John Hay,” a Baguio tourist spot. It used to be a military base for the US armed forces, but now it is a tourist attraction and a forest watershed reserve for the Philippines.

Furthermore, among the activities available at Camp John Hay are treetop adventures, a yellow trail hike, and a visit to the butterfly sanctuary, bell house, and cemetery of negativity.

Address: Loakan Road, Baguio City 2600 Philippines

2. Mirador Heritage and Eco Park

Mirador Heritage and Ecopark
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On the Jesuit-managed Mirador Hill, you’ll find the area’s newest development, the Mirador Heritage and Eco Park. It is a sprawling, multi-tiered, landscaped park that is in the same spot as the Lourdes grotto. Its entrance fee is 100 pesos for adults and free for kids under 12 years old.

In addition, there, you’ll discover the Arashiyama bamboo grove, which is one of the best spots for Instagram-worthy shots; the rock gardens, for a closer look at the rock formations; and the peace memorial, where you can observe the torii gate and take in the sunset views.

Address: 15 St Theresa Ext., Baguio, Benguet

3. Mines View Park

Mines View Park
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In the Philippines’ northern suburbs of Baguio City, Mines View Park is one of the city’s oldest and most popular tourist spots. Tourists come to see the beautiful view of Baguio from the observation deck, as well as the beautiful scenery.

Visitors to Mines View Park can take a scenic view of the mountains from the park’s view deck, shop for souvenirs, pose for pictures with the park’s large, and much more.

Address: Mines View Observation Deck, Mines View, Baguio, Benguet

4. Burnham Park

Burnham Park
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There is a historic urban park in the Philippines known as Burnham Park, which is also known as Burnham Park Reservation. It is in the heart of downtown Baguio and was designed by Daniel Burnham, an American architect and Baguio City planner.

Burnham Park is home to Burnham Lagoon, a man-made lake, as well as woodland areas and several flower beds. Biking, skating, boating, running, and other activities are available, and food is available on practically every corner of the park.

Address: Jose Abad Santos Dr, Baguio, 2600 Benguet

5. Igorot Stone Kingdom

Igorot Stone Kingdom
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The Igorot Stone Kingdom, one of the Baguio tourist spots, is a theme park that celebrates the Cordilleras’ indigenous culture as well as its people’s customs, traditions, values, and way of life. It’s based on the legend of Sab-Angan, which is thought to represent an ancient Igorot kingdom.

Address: Long Long Benguet Rd, Baguio, Benguet

6. Wright Park

Wright Park
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If you want to go horseback riding with other people, Wright Park, is the best place to go. It was named after the governor of the United States, Luke E. Wright. It was built as a place for people to go for fun, and it is near The Mansion.

In Wright Park, there are several activities that you can participate in. Horseback riding, a picture with a Saint Bernard dog, and a tour of the Wright Park Circle are some of the things you can do.

Address: The Mansion, Romulo Dr, Baguio, Benguet

7. Tam-awan Village

Tam-awan Village
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By showing traditional Ifugao and Kalinga huts and modern art shows by local artists in Baguio City, Tam awan village, one of the tourist spots in Baguio 2022, earned its name as a local idiom that means “vantage point.”

Furthermore, the cordillera huts are a great place to stay if you want to go hiking around the area, have your portrait drawn by the village artists, or get into art.

Address: 366-C Long Long Benguet Rd, Baguio, 2600 Benguet

8. La Trinidad Strawberry Farm

La Trinidad Strawberry Farm
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A strawberry farm in the Philippines’ Benguet province, La Trinidad Strawberry Farm, is located in La Trinidad. Tourists are welcome to visit the farm and can do strawberry picking.

Visitors to the village of La Trinidad often stop by the strawberry farm in order to take pictures. The strawberry field, which attracted 538,346 visitors in the first three months of 2017, is the province’s most popular tourist attraction, according to the Benguet tourism office.

Address: La Trinidad, Benguet

9. Cemetery of Negativism

Cemetery of Negativism
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As far back as the 1980s, a cemetery of negativism, a Baguio tourist spot known as “the lost cemetery,” was built. The location serves as a metaphor for the burying of any negativity, whether it be in one’s ideas, feelings, or outlook.

Moreover, there isn’t much to see; it’s like an animal cemetery and is located inside Camp John Hay. In the cemetery, there are 16 tombstones and 16 ideas that are buried with them.

Address: 9JX8+QRJ, Camp John Hay, Baguio, Benguet

10. Valley of Colors

Valley of Colors
Image Source | istockphoto

There are several new tourist attractions surrounding Baguio City, the most recent being the “Valley of Colors.” Houses built into the mountainside of Barangay Balili make up this massive artwork on display along the main road in La Trinidad, Benguet.

Address: Baguio – La Trinidad – Bontoc Rd, Pico, Baguio, 2601 Benguet

11. BenCab Museum

BenCab Museum - baguio tourist spot
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The permanent collection of Philippine National Artist Benedicto Cabrera (BenCab) is housed in multiple galleries at the BenCab Museum. It is one of the Baguio City tourist spots as well as a location for art events and exhibitions.

The artist’s paintings, drawings, prints, and sculptures are shown in the Philippine Contemporary Art Galleries. The BenCab Museum also has nine galleries, a café, and a place where art workshops, seminars, and other events can be held.

Address: Km. 6 Asin Rd, Tuba, 2603 Benguet

12. Bell Church, La Trinidad

Bell Church, La Trinidad - baguio tourist spot
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The Bell Church, is a Chinese temple of the same-named Chinese Filipino indigenous religious institution in La Trinidad, Benguet, Philippines.

It is also an important religious and cultural site for the Chinese Filipinos in the area. It is a tourist attraction in both La Trinidad and the nearby city of Baguio.

Address: Bell Church Rd, La Trinidad, Benguet

13. Session Road

Session Road - baguio tourist spot
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There’s a road called “Session Road,” a tourist spot in Baguio City, because it’s where the Philippine Commission met for its first session. You can walk down Session Road from Luneta Hill to the Baguio City Market and see department stores, shops, old movie theaters, and hotels.

It is a very busy and lively street, but it also has a beautiful promenade with buildings that look like they came from the middle of the 20th century and Art Deco styles.

Location: Baguio, Philippines

14. Baguio Botanical Garden

Baguio Botanical Garden - baguio tourist spot
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The Botanical Garden is one of the city’s most beautiful places for tourists to visit. A calming vibe makes it easy for visitors to get away from a busy city.

Furthermore, there are a lot of pine trees in the area, as well as bright flowers, sculptures that show the Cordillera tribes’ different rituals, and Igorot who are happy to pose for a picture with you for a small fee.

Address: 37 Leonard Wood Rd, Baguio, 2600 Benguet

15. Baguio Museum

Baguio Museum - baguio tourist spot
Image Source | guidetothephilippines

The “Baguio Museum” is one of the tourist spots in Baguio 2022. It has items and antiques that tell us about the lives of Cordillera tribes, local indigenous groups, and the history of Baguio.

In addition, the Mountain Provinces’ cultural heritage, customs, and traditions are on display. All of this is housed in a structure influenced by Ifugao architecture.

Address: Dot-PTA Complex, Gov. Pack Rd, Baguio, 2600 Benguet

16. Baguio Cathedral

Baguio Cathedral - baguio tourist spot
Image Source | danielsecotravels

In the Philippines, Our Lady of the Atonement Cathedral, better known as Baguio Cathedral, is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Baguio. It’s on Cathedral Loop, which is next to Session Road.

In addition, it is a renowned tourist destination in Baguio because of its unusual pink façade, twin spires, and stained glass windows.

Address: 2600 Steps To Our Lady Of Atonement Cathedral, Baguio, Benguet

17. Asin Hot Springs

Asin Hot Springs - baguio tourist spot
Image Source | traveloka

Despite the fact that hot springs aren’t exactly what Baguio is renowned for, locals and visitors alike flock to the resorts. Asin Hot Springs, a Baguio tourist spot, is a group of natural mineral hot springs in Tuba, Benguet, Philippines.

Furthermore, the springs are known for their hot therapeutic waters. Instead of swimming pools, the resorts use cool mountain spring water in the summer.

Address: Ben Palispis Hiway, Asin Road, Tuba, 2603

18. Baguio Night Market

Baguio Night Market
Image Source | baguio

The Baguio Night Market is located in the city of Baguio. Don’t miss it on Harrison Road in Baguio City if you’re in the mood to shop. It has around 1,000 vendors and is open from 9:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m.

At the night market, shoes, garments, caps, souvenirs, t-shirts, and other items are available for purchase.

Address: Harrison Rd, Baguio, Benguet

19. Ifugao Woodcarver’s Village

Ifugao Woodcarver's Village
Image Source | tripadvisor

Baguio City’s Ifugao Woodcarvers Village, also known as the Itogon Woodcarvers Village, is a Baguio tourist spot that houses the workshops of native Ifugao woodcarvers. The location is well-known for its high-quality wood carvings of all sizes and varieties.

Address: CH46+326, Baguio, Benguet

20. Diplomat Hotel

Diplomat Hotel
Image Source | commons.wikimedia

In the Philippines, the Dominican Hill retreat house, also known as the Diplomat Hotel, is an old building on top of Dominican Hill in Baguio. It is now getting better due to the support of the city government.

Additionally, the hotel is thought to be haunted by people who believe in the supernatural because of its violent history during World War II.

Address: Dominican Hill, Diplomat Road, Baguio, 2600 Benguet

21. Cafe in the Sky

Cafe in the Sky - baguio tourist spot
Image Source | booky

A café called “Café in the Sky,” a tourist spot in Baguio 2022, is on the southern outskirts of Baguio.

The local government has set aside the land where the coffee shop is located in order to protect the environment. Due to its magnificent and picturesque outlook, the location has attracted a lot of attention since the premiere of the hit local TV show Forevermore.

Address: 9H66+W75, Tuba, Benguet

22. Farmer’s Daughter

Farmer's Daughter
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It’s a pleasant surprise to find Farmers’ Daughter so accessible. It’s also just a short walk from the famed Tam-Awan Village, making it the perfect reward for a tough day of hiking.

Furthermore, customers can enjoy substantial portions of authentic Cordilleran cuisine at Farmers’ Daughter Baguio for an inexpensive price. Every meal comes with a lot of vegetables, so you’ll never run out of different kinds of greens.

Address: Tam-awan Village, Long Long Benguet Rd, Baguio, 2600 Benguet

23. Baguio Craft Brewery and Craft 1945

Baguio Craft Brewery and Craft 1945
Image Source | findgoodbaguiofoods

In addition to the city’s temperate temperature and stunning surroundings, there are a number of pubs, cafes, and restaurants to choose from in Baguio City. Craft 1945, one of the tourist spots in Baguio City, may be worth a look on your next trip to the city.

Charmingly situated on Outlook Drive, this eatery is housed in an American-style heritage home. However, the restaurant’s location isn’t its main selling point; it’s the food.

Address: 9 Outlook Drive South 1103 Baguio City, Philippines

24. Lion’s Head

Lion’s Head - baguio tourist spot
Image Source | atlasobscura

Located on Kennon Road, a prominent thoroughfare in Luzon, the Philippines, is a statue of a lion’s head. The Lion’s Head rises 40 feet (12 meters) above the ground at Camp 6, near the Baguio–Tuba border.

Address: Kennon Rd, Baguio, Benguet

25. Oh My Gulay

Oh my Gulay!
Image Source | tripadvisor

It’s safe to say that Oh My Gulay, a Baguio tourist spot, is one of Pines’ most anticipated new restaurants. Baguio City’s vegetarian dining options were amazing, and it’s not a big surprise if fresh vegetables show up in your meal in Baguio.

In this museum-like restaurant, the ambiance is authentically humble and so comforting. Inside the restaurant’s large dining area is a little shrine to Dr. Jose Rizal, the Philippine National Hero.

Address: 108 Session Rd, Baguio, 2600 Benguet

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