22 Best Abra Tourist Spot

Abra Tourist Spot – The province of Abra, in northern Luzon, is known for its historical places and tourist attractions, especially in Bangued.

Best Abra Tourist Spots & Historical Places 2022

Discover why Abra Province is one of the most popular tourist spots in Luzon, Philippines. With the aid of this guide, you can learn about the historical places in Abra.

22 Best Abra Tourist Spot
22 Best Abra Tourist Spot

Read on to learn about the tourist spots and historical places in the province of Abra, Philippines, especially Bangued.

1. Sapilang Falls

Sapilang Falls - abra tourist spot
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Nature lovers are being welcomed by Sapilang Falls, a Bangued, Abra tourist spot that is now open to the public. It takes around 30 minutes to get there from Sagap barangay.

In addition, the falls are referred to as such because they fall in one place. They are not, however, exact replicas. The first falls you’ll see is tall, thin, and has several layers. The second falls, on the other hand, drops down a broad and bare rockface.

Address: MH3V+QVQ, Sagap, Bangued, Abra

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2. Kaparkan Falls

Kaparkan Falls
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Kaparkan Falls is distinguished by its multi-tiered spring pools and terraces that gently cascade down the forest floor. Seeing this waterfall is one of the main reasons for visiting Abra.

It’s not because of its size, but of its stunning appearance. It is also known as Mulawin Falls, and is located in Sitio Kaparkan, Caganayan, Tineg, Abra Province.

Address: QQJJ+28J, Tineg, Abra

3. Kili Falls & Hot Spring

Kili Falls & Hot Spring - abra tourist spot
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The Kili Falls is one of the Abra province tourist spots and one of many gorgeous sites to explore there. The waterfall isn’t the only thing to see here.

Furthermore, a hot spring hidden below the main cascade pours into an icy-cold river. A wading pool had been built alongside it by the villagers. It’s the ideal temperature for a swim!

Address: 7R92+H55, Tubo, Abra

4. Piwek Rock Formation

Piwek Rock Formation
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The Piwek Rock Formations, located on a river in Tineg, are a beautiful natural rock formation. A bumpy jeepney ride, a river crossing, climbing, and scrambling down the rock cliffs were all part of the journey.

The river’s turquoise and sparkling waters make it even more appealing to visit. And, the rock formations are becoming increasingly popular for jumping.

Address: QR6C+6V3, Tineg, Abra

5. Apao Rolling Hills

Apao Rolling Hills - abra tourist spot
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The Apao Rolling Hills, one of the tourist spots in Abra, is a series of wave-like rolling hills. The roads are getting better, and almost all of them are now paved all the way to Vira.

Furthermore, cycling or mountain biking, hiking, and climbing are some of the outdoor activities available at Apao Rolling Hills.

Address: PR9H+V6J, Road, Tineg, Abra

6. Don Mariano Marcos Bridge

Don Mariano Marcos Bridge
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Unlike other bridges that are named after their location, this bridge has a history. The Don Mariano Marcos Bridge was named in memory of the man who saved a vanquished people from the mire of despair. And it was during those critical days of the Japanese Occupation.

Furthermore, the Don Mariano Marcos Bridge is the country’s third-longest of its kind. It stretches 886.812 meters across the Lagben River, joining the towns of Tayum and Dolores.

Address: JPF8+7CC, Abra – Kalinga Rd, Tayum, Abra

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7. Libtec Crystal Cave

Libtec Crystal Cave - abra tourist spot
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The Libtec Crystal Cave is also known as the Quilling Crystal Cave. It is located in Dolores, a municipality in the Abra province, which is recognized for its natural beauty. This bat-friendly cave, which is abundant in mineral deposits, is a great place to go spelunking.

The cave is called “Libtec Crystal Cave” since it is located in Barangay Libtec. The term “crystal” refers to the microcrystals that glow when light is focused on the surface of mineral formations.

Address: Barangay Libtec, Dolores, Abra Province

8. Tangadan Tunnel

Tangadan Tunnel
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The Tangadan Tunnel is one of the Abra province’s tourist spots. It was created as part of a road connecting the provinces of Abra and Ilocos Sur by the American colonial authorities.

Furthermore, the Abra Welcome Park Complex is located near the Tangadan Tunnel. It is home to the Gabriela Silang Monument, which is surrounded by trees and lush gardens.

Address: FGV5+V6W, San Quintin, Abra

9. Tayum Church & Heritage Houses

Tayum Church & Heritage Houses - abra tourist spot
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The Tayum Church is also known as the Santa Catalina de Alejandria Parish Church. It is a 19th-century Baroque church in Brgy. Poblacion, Tayum, Abra, Philippines.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Bangued has jurisdiction over the parish church, which is dedicated to Saint Catherine of Alexandria. In 2001, the National Museum of the Philippines designated the church, along with 25 Spanish-era churches, a National Cultural Treasure.

Address: JM93+GJG, Tayum, Abra

10. Manambor Falls

Manambor Falls
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The Manambor Falls, one of the Abra province tourist spots, is around 30 feet tall. Its rivers create a lovely pool, suitable for both swimming and cliff jumping. Did you even know, though, that the locals regard it as mystical? It is said that beneath the falls’ pool, there is a kingdom.

The journey to the waterfall is an adventure in and of itself. To get to this waterfall, you must cross and swim across creeks, traverse a mountain, and navigate steep rocky pathways.

Location: Tineg, Abra

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11. Teofilo Garcia Tabungaw Hat Maker

Teofilo Garcia Tabungaw Hat Maker - abra tourist spot
Image Source | outoftownblog

The Tabungaw gourd hat was constructed from a large spherical gourd. It is native to the Philippines and belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family. In 2012, Teofilo Garcia, a gourd hat maker, received the National Living Treasure Award.

Teofilo was there when his grandfather and father made a “Tabungaw Hat.” This gave him the chance to carefully watch, copy, and use what he had learned.

Location: San Quintin, Abra

12. Mt. Poswey

Mt. Poswey
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With a height of 1,546 meters above sea level, Mt. Poswey is one of Abra’s tallest peaks. The journey takes 3 to 4 hours from the jump-off point in Bao-yan. The trail is difficult to navigate before reaching the summit.

For starters, the trail has several steep and uphill sections. Trees that have fallen and sections that have degraded add to the danger. The vistas along the road, on the other hand, are spectacular.

Location: Boliney, Abra

13. Victoria Park

Victoria Park - abra tourist spot
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As a national park, Victoria Park, a Bangued, Abra tourist spot, is home to a variety of wildlife. A protected area since 1974, the park’s total land size is 57 hectares (140 acres).

The hill itself is a simple hike up a winding road or up concrete stairways on foot. The Abra River valley has great views of the small town below and the whole valley.

Address: HJVC+FG8, Taft Ave, Bangued, Abra

14. Ar-Arbis Falls, Lagayan

Ar-Arbis Falls, Lagayan
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Ar-Arbis Falls has become the most popular tourist destination in Abra. It started when Kaparkan was discovered on social media.

The trip is a pleasant and exciting hike along the Palsuguan Waterway, with five river crossings along the route. The Ar-Arbis Falls is spectacular in and of itself.

Address: RPMR+FX5, Lagayan, Abra

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15. Mt. Bullagao

Mt. Bullagao
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Mount Bullagao is located in Malapaao, Langiden, and was dubbed “Sleeping Beauty.” It is because it resembled a woman lying down face up.

Before the ridges that lead to the summit, there is a plateau the size of a football field. The Abra River, the nearby villages of Langiden and several locations in Ilocos Sur can be seen from the peak.

16. Layugan Gardens

Layugan Gardens
Image Source | ptama

The Layugan Garden is the newest attraction and tourist spot in Abra, with roughly 300 visitors per day. It is stunning during the day and especially at night when lit, with its 10,000 artificial tulips in brilliant colors.

In addition, the Layugan Garden, which is owned and run by Jun Barona, is located in the barangay of Layugan. Tourists flocked to it as soon as it opened.

Address: GM2X+X8H, Bucay, Abra

17. Kimkimay Lake

Kimkimay Lake
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Taquib, Villaviciosa is home to several lakes, one of which is Kimkimay Lake. It is located in the hills of Villaviciosa, between the barangays of Taquib and Callao.

According to folklore passed down through word of mouth, Kimkimay Lake was formerly a residence for multiple families. However, because of their vices, the Gods punished them by sinking and drowning their community in cool water.

18. Dadamuen Viewdeck

Dadamuen Viewdeck
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Along the gorgeous and winding Abra-Ilocos Norte Road, the Dadamuen View Deck is one of the Abra province tourist spots. It is located in Nagaparan, Danglas, Abra.

Because of the pine trees and the frigid temperature, the people dubbed it “Little Baguio of Abra.” There’s also “The Century Old Tree” to be found there.

Address: QMCF+3HF, Lagayan, Abra

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19. Tugot ni Angalo

Tugot ni Angalo - abra tourist spot
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The Tugot ni Angalo is a tourist attraction in Kabaruyan, San Quintin, Abra, Philippines. The name means “Footprints of Angalo,” with Angalo being the ABRA mythology’s Adam, or First Man.

According to locals, Tugot ni Angalo is thought to be the footsteps of a real giant in San Quintin. Even from a distance, it can be seen on a clear day.

20. Boliney Hot Spring

Boliney Hot Spring
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The Boliney Hot Spring is located in Bani, Boliney, and is easily accessible by jeepney. It is a popular place for tourists and locals who just want to relax in the warm, calm water.

Furthermore, it’s perfect for swimmers and, more broadly, anyone who enjoys dipping in hot and cold water.

Address: 9RH4+R64, Boliney, Abra

21. Abra River

Abra River - abra tourist spot
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In terms of watershed size, the Abra River, also known as the Lagben River, is the Philippines’ sixth largest river system.

Furthermore, it has a drainage area of 5,125 square kilometers (1,979 square miles). It has a length of 206 kilometers (128 miles) from its source in Benguet province’s Mount Data.

Location: Abra, Ilocos Sur

22. San Lorenzo Ruiz Shrine

San Lorenzo Ruiz Shrine
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San Lorenzo Ruiz Shrine is one of the Bangued, Abra tourist spots. The church stands next to the Bangued Roman Catholic Cemetery, which was constructed entirely of red bricks.

Furthermore, it’s a historic building with remarkable brick elements on the front, nave, and particularly the rounded rear half. This is currently the San Lorenzo Ruiz Shrine.

Address: JJ27+X2G, Bangued, Abra

Abra is, without a doubt, an excellent location in which to unwind, enjoy oneself, and discover new things. Also, it is home to a plethora of well-known landmarks and other attractions, all of which are sure to pique your interest.


In summary, we have discussed the “22 Best Abra Tourist Spot.” We also provided the address or location of each tourist spot in Abra, Philippines.

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