22 Best Batanes Tourist Spot

Batanes Tourist Spot – Batanes has a lot of famous tourist spots and natural attractions that you will undoubtedly include in your itinerary. It is also well-known for its spectacular scenery of the Pacific Ocean and vast rolling hills.

Famous Batanes Tourist Spots and Natural Attractions 2022

Discover why Batanes is one of the most popular tourist spots and destinations in Luzon, Philippines. With the aid of this guide, you can learn about the famous tourist spots and natural attractions in Batanes.

22 Best Batanes Tourist Spot
22 Best Batanes Tourist Spot

Read on to learn about the Batanes Tourist Spots in the Philippines!

1. Morong Beach

Morong Beach - Batanes Tourist Spots Itinerary : Famous, Natural Attractions
Image Source | wikimedia

The most well-known of the beaches that line Sabtang Island’s coast is arguably Morong Beach, a Batanes tourist spot.

Thanks to the massive granite arch, which has come to symbolize not only the island but the entire Batanes region. Nakabuang Arch is the common name for this natural structure.

2. Racuh A Payaman

Racuh A Payaman
Image Source | pinterest

There’s nothing quite like it in Batanes: the hills and the ocean view. This attraction was originally named Racuh A Payaman. But, it has since been dubbed Marlboro Hills after one visitor commented on how it “looked like Marlboro Country.”

Furthermore, visiting Racuh A Payaman will leave you with a beneficial impact on the world. Taking a stroll across the area will allow you to enjoy the cold and fresh air.

Address: 9XRC+WMC, Mahatao, Batanes

3. Basco Lighthouse

Basco Lighthouse - Batanes Tourist Spots Itinerary : Famous, Natural Attractions
Image Source | vigattintourism

There is a lighthouse in the town of Basco called the Basco Lighthouse, a tourist spot in Batanes. The open sea and lush green hills of Barangay San Antonio’s Naidi Hills provide a lovely setting for the lighthouse.

Furthermore, it is one of the three lighthouses that former Congressman Florencio Abad of Batanes planned to develop. He wanted it not only as a working lighthouse but also as a possible tourist attraction.

Location: Basco, Batanes

4. Mount Iraya

Mount Iraya
Image Source | mtiraya-usjr.weebly

Mount Iraya, located on the Philippine island of Batan, is the highest peak in the Batanes province. It is a stratovolcano and is a sacred mountain for the Ivatan people.

There are two contrasting legends about the mountain. First, the Ivatans are like children, and the mountain is like a mother, keeping a watchful eye on them. Second, Iraya prepares the community for the death of an elderly person, which usually happens because of natural causes.

Location: Batan Island, Batanes

5. Alapad Hill and Rock Formation

Alapad Hill and Rock Formation - Batanes Tourist Spots Itinerary : Famous, Natural Attractions
Image Source | foursquare

One of the natural attractions in Batanes is the Alapad Hills and Rock Formation. Because it provides a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean, it is popular among tourists.

Additionally, the Alapad Rock Formation is an inclined rock that was sculpted by nature’s elements. It was formed by geological upheavals and powerful sea currents.

6. House of Dakay

House of Dakay
Image Source | happyandbusytravels

The House of Dakay, a designated UNESCO Heritage Building, is thought to be the oldest stone house in Batanes that is still standing. The building has stayed standing over time at San Jose de Ivana, a town on Batan Island.

Houses in the province’s historic villages served as inspiration for the building’s design. Stone and lime are used to construct the sturdy walls. Cogon grass makes up its roof, which is about a third of a meter thick and lasts for 25 to 30 years. It has been a tradition to replace the roof every 30 years since 1917.

Address: 9WC7+GRV, Ivana, Batanes

7. Vayang Rolling Hills

Vayang Rolling Hills - Batanes Tourist Spots Itinerary : Famous, Natural Attractions
Image Source | vigattintourism

One of the most famous tourist spots and sites in the province of Batanes is the Vayang Rolling Hills. Seascapes that are amazing to look at are mixed with waves of rolling hills that seem to go on forever.

From the hills, views of lush grass and azure water are magnificent and breathtaking. The hills, trees, and grass are all green, as is the surrounding area. You can think or sleep peacefully while taking in the sights, which are very relaxing to the eyes.

Address: FX87+4WW, Basco, Batanes

8. Tayid Lighthouse

Tayid Lighthouse
Image Source | wikimedia

Tayid Lighthouse is one of the numerous beacons constructed on the island of Batan. It is also one of the three operational lighthouses in Batanes.

The tower is in a good spot on one of the hills on the town’s shore, facing the Pacific Ocean. It is an octagonal building with a view of the ocean.

9. Mount Carmel Chapel

Mount Carmel Chapel - Batanes Tourist Spots Itinerary : Famous, Natural Attractions
Image Source | tripadvisor

Mt. Carmel Chapel is one of the Batanes tourist spots. It is popularly known as the Tukon Church and was founded in Sitio Tukon, Barangay Chanarian, Batanes.

Furthermore, it adopted the style of a conventional stone-walled Ivatan house, making it the only chapel to do so.

Address: CXHC+W8F, Basco, Batanes

10. Valugan Boulder Beach

Valugan Boulder Beach
Image Source | wikimedia

The Valugan Boulder Beach in Batanes can be easily reached by riding a bicycle from Basco. The long, sandy stretch of this beach is characterized by the polished rocks that dot its shores.

Furthermore, Mount Iraya is credited with providing the boulders. The andesite rocks were originally rough, but the sea’s pounding waves gradually smoothed them into the boulders we see today.

11. Savidug Stone Houses

Savidug Stone Houses - Batanes Tourist Spots Itinerary : Famous, Natural Attractions
Image Source | pinterest

Savidug Stone Houses, one of the tourist spots in Batanes, are the most common style of housing. The island’s native inhabitants, the Ivatans, take care of these homes.

Savidug is a tiny settlement next to a rocky shore. This village, along with Chavayan, is the only one where residents still reside.

Address: 8V6Q+73R, Sabtang, Batanes

12. Fundacion Pacita

Fundacion Pacita
Image Source | vigattintourism

The stone-built Fundacion Pacita hotel is perched on the summit of a hill. The name of this place comes from Pacita Abad, an artist who is well-known all over the world.

Furthermore, Fundacion Pacita is an establishment that values both art and nature. As a result, it offers visitors a picturesque view of the natural scenery of Batanes. Not only that, but also of the Ivatans’ cultural history and heritage as well.

Address: CXFF+XQH, Basco, Batanes

13. Naidi Hills

Naidi Hills - Batanes Tourist Spots Itinerary : Famous, Natural Attractions
Image Source | stock.adobe

The Naidi Hills is one of the natural attractions in Batanes. It is home to the very first lighthouse to be constructed in the Batanes archipelago.

It also has a beautiful view of the area around it. It includes Baluarte Bay, Basco Town, Mount Iraya, and Batan Island’s rolling hills.

Address: FX27+JM6, Basco, Batanes

14. Chawa View Deck

Chawa View Deck
Image Source | thoughtstalesandwhatnot

One of the highest points on South Batan Island in the Batanes archipelago can be found at Chawa View Deck. The view deck was constructed on the slope of a mountain that overlooks the West Philippine Sea.

In addition to its rolling green hills and rock formations, it has a breathtaking view of the seascape around it. At the very top of the viewdeck is a cave of the Virgin Mary. There are also a handful of chairs made of concrete that are reserved for tourists.

Address: CWGX+QPG, Mahatao, Batanes

15. Dipnaysupuan Japanese Tunnel

Dipnaysupuan Japanese Tunnel
Image Source | thingstodopost

A network of subterranean tunnels known as the Japanese Dipnaysupuan Tunnel is one of the Batanes’ most famous tourist spots. It can be found in the Philippines, in the Tukon Hills, in Basque.

Furthermore, it was used as a safe haven for Japanese imperial forces. It was during this time that Japan occupied the Philippines up until the beginning of World War II.

Address: CXQG+CMV, Basco, Batanes

16. Ruins of Songsong

Ruins of Songsong
Image Source | vigattintourism

The Ruins of Songsong in Uyugan are about an hour drive from Basco.

It is home to a collection of old buildings without roofs. These were abandoned after the island of Batan was struck by a tidal wave in the 1950s. There is a good section of beach there that is suggested for swimming.

Address: 9X43+M8P, Sitio Songsong, Uyugan, Batanes

17. Ivana Church

Ivana Church - Batanes Tourist Spots Itinerary : Famous, Natural Attractions
Image Source | wikipedia

The San Jose Church, or the Ivana Church, is a Batanes tourist spot. It is a Roman Catholic church in Ivana, Batanes, that is dedicated to Saint Joseph.

In addition, in 1787, the Dominicans established Ivana Church as a chapel. Helping the people of Sabtang, Ivana, and Uyugan was the main focus of the church’s construction.

Address: 9W88+G4G, Ivana, Batanes

18. Chamantad-Tinyan Viewpoint

Chamantad-Tinyan Viewpoint
Image Source | pinterest

The Chamantad-Tinyan Viewpoint is one of the locations with the highest panoramic views. The expansive landscape is located next to the cove, from where visitors may have a good look at the ocean.

In addition, the Chamantad-Tinyan Viewpoint is well-known for the undulating, grassy landscape that it overlooks. The undulating hills that dominate the area include a variety of low and high slopes. It provides visitors with a variety of different vantage points.

Address: 7VPJ+6H2, Sabtang, Batanes

19. Diura Fishing Village

Diura Fishing Village - Batanes Tourist Spots Itinerary : Famous, Natural Attractions
Image Source | ironwulf

A picture-perfect community, Diura Fishing Village is a tourist spot in Batanes. It can be found tucked away in a secluded cove to the east of Mahatao.

The summer is the most active time in this village because that is when the fishing season for arayu begins. The region would then have a regular occurrence of a valued dorado. The sun would dry them out as they hung out to dry.

In addition, morning beauty creeps through the sands leading to the shoreline and covers the western portion of the Madi beach. From there, you can see Mt. Irayat hidden behind “The Pinnacle,” a recognizable triangular-shaped boulder.

Location: Mahatao, Batanes

20. Mahatao Boat Shelter Port

Mahatao Boat Shelter Port
Image Source | photocontest

The Mahatao Boat Shelter Port (one of the Tourist Spots in Batanes) was constructed in order to protect the boats of Batan Island from the island’s hazardous seas. Since then, it has evolved into a well-liked destination along the South Batan tour.

In addition, a smaller mountainous island is connected to a dam-like structure that creates an enclosure. With a chance to visit various foreign ports like those in the movies, many travelers choose this Batanes tourist destination. In any case, a quick trip to Mahatao Port will also reward you with a beautiful view of the port and the vast ocean encircling the hills.

Address: CWCX+94W, National Rd, Mahatao, Batanes

21. Homoron Blue Lagoon

Homoron Blue Lagoon - Batanes Tourist Spots Itinerary : Famous, Natural Attractions
Image Source | flickr

Near the road that connects Mahatao and Ivana, you’ll find a small lagoon tucked up between some rocky cliffs. No matter how smooth and peaceful the majority of the waters around Batanes first appear, they can suddenly become rough. For those who want to swim and cool down, this hidden lagoon offers a fantastic option.

Mahatao is home to the so-called Homoron Blue Lagoon (a Batanes Tourist Spot). Because only Spaniards had access to it during the Spanish era, it is frequently referred to as the Spanish Lagoon or Spaniards’ Lagoon. It is now accessible to both residents and visitors.

Location: Mahatao, Batanes

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22. Itbayat Island

Itbayat island
Image Source | tripadvisor

The Municipality of Itbayat, or Itbayat (you can include this to your Batanes Tourist Spots Itinerary), is a fifth-class municipality in the Philippine province of Batanes. There are 3,128 people living there, according to the 2020 census. Itbayat, the northernmost municipality in the nation, is 156 miles (97 kilometers) from Taiwan’s southernmost point.

In addition, the sea floor has been lifting for more than 35 million years, creating Itbayat, the largest island in the province of Batanes. It comprises undulating cliffs with rocky coastlines and around 83 kilometres of shoreline. Rugged hills and grasslands with caves and jungles make up the interior.

Batanes is, without a doubt, an excellent location in which to unwind, enjoy oneself, and discover new things. Also, it is home to a plethora of well-known landmarks and other attractions, all of which are sure to pique your interest.


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