15 Best Apayao Tourist Spot

Apayao Tourist Spot (2022)Apayao Province is known for its historical places and agricultural production, especially of food and industrial crops.

Best Apayao Tourist Spots and Attractions in 2022

Discover why Apayao is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Luzon. With the aid of this guide, you can learn about the tourist attractions and historical places in Apayao.

15 Best Apayao Tourist Spot
15 Best Apayao Tourist Spot

Read on to learn about the tourist spots and historical places in Apayao province, Philippines in 2022.

1. Dupag Rock Formation

Dupag Rock Formation - apayao tourist spot
Image Source | doctonytravelphoto

Marag Valley, Luna, is home to the Dupag Rock formation, an Apayao tourist spot. When viewed from the ground, it appears to be an ordinary rock, but when viewed from the sky, it is truly stunning.

For a novice, it is extremely hazardous. It’s not that simple to get there. Also, tourists aren’t allowed to wander around the area without a guide because they could get lost.

Address: 87WH+7QG, Valley, Luna, Apayao

2. Lussok Cave

Lussok Cave
Image Source | apayaosbest

The Lussok Cave and its underground river are now one of Luna, Apayao’s most popular ecotourism destinations. It is also the Cordilleras’ final forest frontier.

Going through the underground river by boat and exploring the cave on foot are two separate parts of the adventure there.

Address: 789V+P5W, Luna, Apayao

3. Maton Underground River

Maton Underground River - apayao tourist spot
Image Source | tripadvisor

The Upper Maton River is one of the tourist spots in Apayao province. It is comparable to other rivers in the Philippines. During the dry season, it is as clear as ice.

In addition, the Maton River is one of our country’s cleanest rivers. This is one of Apayao’s hidden beauties, where people can go fishing without restriction unless there is a no-fishing zone.

Location: Pudtol, Apayao

4. Bayugao Falls

Bayugao Falls
Image Source | danielsecotravels

The three-layered Bayugao Falls is located in Brgy. Turod in Luna, Apayao, just a few kilometers from the Poblacion. The waterfalls is made up of six cascades and three decks of natural pools that rise 12 meters apart.

Bayugao Falls has an unexpected but distinctive appearance thanks to a fallen tree trunk in the second pool. With a depth of 10 meters, the second pool is the best for swimming.

Address: 889C+HHV, Luna, Apayao

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5. Marag Valley Hanging Bridge

Marag Valley Hanging Bridge - apayao tourist spot
Image Source | wikimedia

In the Luna town of Marag, a long hanging bridge, a tourist spot in Apayao, spans a crystalline river. Visitors can enjoy a stunning 360-degree panorama of the mountain ranges and river system from the bridge.

Locals frequent the river below it, where they can be seen swimming or enjoying a picnic. Additionally, floating cottages can be rented.

Location: Marag, Luna, Apayao Province

6. Mt. Solo

Mt. Solo
Image Source | tripadvisor

In Pudtol, Apayao in the Philippines, is where you’ll find Mt. Solo. It is one of the attractions that tourists absolutely cannot miss while they are there.

Mt. Solo is the tallest peak in Apayao, standing at 1,336 meters above sea level. The substantial woodland cover of Pudtol and its adjacent municipalities may be seen from here.

Location: Pudtol, Apayao

7. Calanasan Philippine Eagle Sanctuary

Calanasan Philippine Eagle Sanctuary - apayao tourist spot
Image Source | philstar

The Calanasan Forest is one of the Apayao Province’s tourist spots. The legendary Philippine-Monkey Eating Eagle, a critically endangered species, may be found in the vast lowland forests of Calanasan.

As a result, Apayao provides a safe haven for the species’ survival. There are approximately 25 eagles in the area that have been documented thus far.

8. Manacota Underground River

Manacota Underground River
Image Source | boyplakwatsa

The Manacota Grotto and Underground River in Marag, Luna, Apayao have a slew of admirers. It is because of its attractive entrance road, crystal clear water, underground river, and stunning cave.

Furthermore, the river spans 700 meters of crystal-clear water. Various varieties of fish, including tilapia, carp, eel, and palilang, can be seen swimming along on a nice day.

Address: 8682+655, Luna, Apayao

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9. Apayao-Abulug River

Apayao-Abulug River - apayao tourist spot
Image Source | riverbasin

The Apayao-Abulug River Basin, an Apayao tourist spot, encompasses the Cordillera provinces of Apayao and Cagayan in Region II. It is the Philippines’ 9th largest river system in terms of watershed size.

Also, more than 90% of the river’s drainage area is in Apayao. The rest, including the mouth of the river, is in Cagayan.

10. Mataguisi Church Ruins

Mataguisi Church Ruins
Image Source | followyouroad

The Mataguisi Church Ruins rise to a height of about 6 meters. The ruins of this Spanish cathedral show how antique styles and ornaments were used in the period.

In addition, the Mataguisi Church Ruins is one of the province’s rare remaining mortar-and-brick constructions. It’s a reminder of the province’s rich history and a sign of how good its architects are.

Location: Pudtol, Apayao

11. Mt. Kilang

Mt. Kilang - apayao tourist spot
Image Source | igorotage

At 1,656 meters, Mt. Kilang is one of the tourist spots in Apayao province and one of Apayao’s tallest peaks. From the border between Calanasan and Solsona, you can see its striking silhouette surrounded by a sea of clouds.

An urban legend says that the name Kilang came from a young woman who got upset. It was when she was hiking in the mountains to find Kilong, the man she wanted to marry.

Address: 62XM+5C6, Calanasan, Apayao

12. Allabang Cave

Allabang Cave
Image Source | traveltothephilippines

Allabang Cave is on a hillside covered in green plants and overlooks the Poblacion’s large rice fields. Because tourists don’t visit the cave very often, there wasn’t a clear path to the entrance. This made it hard to find.

One person can enter the cave at a time, but once inside, it can fit a lot more people. The smell of “guano” and the sounds of the bats will greet anyone who goes inside.

Location: Luna, Apayao

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13. Girgira Falls

Girgira Falls - apayao tourist spot
Image Source | danielsecotravels

Waterways, old-growth forests, and underground wonders are all part of the dynamic landscape of Apayao. The Girgira Falls, a tourist spot in Apayao 2022, is one of many waterfalls in the area.

Furthermore, the Girgira Falls is the municipality’s tallest waterfall. And, Mt. Magitalan is the source of the pristine Girgira Falls.

Location: Mt. Magitalab, Sitio Maganggan, Barangay Ninoy Aquino Jr.

14. Purit Cave

Purit Cave
Image Source | danielsecotravels

The lower and upper chambers of Purit cave have vertical clearances of 6-8 feet high and 10-12 feet wide. There aren’t many rock formations in this area. It does, however, provide a safe haven for a large number of bats.

As a result, it has earned the nickname “Bat Cave” among residents. It is also one of Apayao’s newest tourist hotspots.

Location: Calanasan, Apayao

15. Banselan Cave

Banselan Cave - apayao tourist spot
Image Source | pinoyspelunker

One of Conner’s most popular tourist attractions is Banselan Cave, one of the Apayao province’s tourist spots. It features stunning rock formations and troglobites.

In addition, stalagmite and stalactite formations adorn each of the three chambers. This one has a 3-meter mini-fall in one of its chambers, which makes it stand out in its own way.

Location: Conner, Apayao

Apayao is, without a doubt, an excellent location in which to unwind, enjoy oneself, and discover new things. Also, it is home to a plethora of well-known landmarks and other attractions, all of which are sure to pique your interest.


In summary, we have discussed the “15 Best Apayao Tourist Spots.” We have also provided the address or location of each tourist spot in Apayao, Philippines.

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