Tagalog Jokes & Quotes | Meaning & Examples

Tagalog Jokes & Quotes | Meaning & Examples

Tagalog Jokes and Funny Quotes – In this article we will be discussing about Pinoy FUNNY QUOTES and TAGALOG JOKES 2021 with their meaning and examples. This is to emphasize the meaning of Pinoy Jokes and Quotes made by Filipino to ease their stress and make their lives happy.

What are Tagalog Funny Jokes Quotes?

Filipinos are, without a doubt, natural jokers. Even in the face of adversity, many Filipinos can find a way to make a joke about it or get a dose of positive vibes from the hilarious words.

It is in perfect condition. Anything that makes you feel happy or lighter without offending someone else is OK. Happiness is contagious, and the more individuals who are happy on the inside, the happier the world will be.

Pinoy Tagalog Jokes and Funny Quotes:

These Tagalog jokes and quotes were meant to have fun and activate laughter. The Filipino were all creative in terms of it. This jokes unites Filipino people in laughter and relieves their stress as Laughter Makes the best medicine.

The ideas of this article will help you understand the meaning of jokes and make your own.

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Here are the list of Pinoy Tagalog Jokes and Funny Quotes.

  1. Funny Tagalog Jokes for “Courtship”

    • Para ka yung sout kong damit, simple lng pero bagay sakin.
    • Minsan sumigaw ako ng ayoko ko nang magmahal, pero nang makita kita napasigaw ulit ako nang joke lang yun.

  2. Funny Tagalog Jokes for “Laughter”

    • Okay lang sana kahit Quarantine, basta may Quarta rin.
    • Pag mahal mo, mahalin mo nang totoo para hindi na kayo umabot kay Tulfo.

  3. Funny Jokes and Tagalog Quotes for “Teaser”

    • Pagsinabi niyang pangit ka, sapakin mo aga! Kita na nga, sasabihin pa.
    • Ang kagandahan parang password, ikaw lang nakakaalam.
    • Ang kutis mo parang barbie. Barbie-Q

  4. Funny Jokes and Tagalog Quotes for “Fun”

    • Dati ang mga magaganda pinagkakaguluhan ng mga lalaki. Ngayon pagmaganda, kinikilatis muna baka kasi beki.
    • Pagmagugunaw na ang mundo, huling gugunaw ang Pilipinas, Filipino Time eh.

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