Pinoy Pick-up Lines and Its Timeless Impact On Social Life

Pinoy Pick-up Lines and Its Timeless Impact To Social Life

Pinoy layman’s terms for pick-up lines are “HUGOT”, “BANAT” and “ENTRY” can now be considered since it’s the Millenials who actually made it famous.

“Magmahal ka ng mataba, kasi sya ung mataFAT”

“Ang puso ay parang paminta, BUO talaga, pilit lang dinudurog ng Iba”

“X – minsan letra, minsan mahal mo pa”

And the list goes on, sky is the limit kumbaga.

Anything can be put to thought in a HUGOTERO’s mind.

Tracing back time when did pick up lines joined the Filipino Social life, originally it was the internet that gave rise to these corny statements. We also need to note the influence these creative lines give us, as the impact depends on who uses it.

Pick-up lines can greatly affect the mindset and the mood of anybody since not only the youth are using these but also famous politicians, artists, and even social media influencers.

When these pickup lines started, it was commonly used for delivering romantic statements.

An Icebreaker or even a conversation starter for lovers.

“Hindi na ako gagamit ng GOOGLE, kasi nung makilala kita THE SEARCH IS OVER”

“Ang Buhay ko parang Lapis na Walang Tasa, POINTLESS”

Goosebumps and a Smile even for a single person to hear these Banat.

How much more if it really came from your lover? Pick-up lines are basically a mode of communication, may it be straightforward or not.

They are intended to create drama and relay one’s feelings and intentions.

Anything under the sun and beyond is not exempted as long as the receiver of the message understands what you really mean. Some are really funny and sometimes cringe.

“Ungoy, minsan hayop, minsan ikaw”

“Kung gusto mong makasama pa sya ng matagal, sa EDSA kayo dumaan”

Pick-up lines not only bring flavor and color to a conversation but also lightens the atmosphere.

The real catch for pick-up lines is that there is no guarantee that your intention can be delivered well, for we need also to consider the level of comprehension your target receiver has.

It is advised that before throwing “BANAT” or “HUGOT” you should consider if it is the right moment.

A successful pick-up line can make your audience crack in laughter, giggle in a heartfelt statement, or worse cringe in your failed attempt.

“Nagulat ako, akala ko November na, andami kasing Patay na Patay sa akin”

“Ayoko na! pagod na pagod na ako! I’ll try to move on, pero babagalan ko, baka sakaling mahabol mo pa ako!”

As pick-up lines, “HUGOT”, “BANAT”, “ENTRY” being part of our everyday life, we are reminded of the creativity that every person holds.

We should be reminded that these creative ideas of ours not only influence us personally but also the people around us. Depending on how the speaker delivers these pick-up lines, your target audience can assess the level of wit and intelligence the speaker has.

Meaning, you should be wary before you spill a pickup line for it can make or break a good conversation.

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