23+ Berry Fruity Pick Up Lines: Cheesy, Dirty, and Cute

Berry Fruity Pick Up Lines – Check out the fruity pick up lines we collected for you! Pick up lines in Tagalog and English are very popular in the Philippines, and if my memory serves me correctly, there are thousands of pick up lines in their own category. However, the category of Pick up lines that I enjoy the most is the Fruity pick up lines . We’ve got it all for you, whether it’s cheesy, dirty, and cute fruity pick up lines!

23+ Berry Fruity Pick Up Lines
23+ Berry Fruity Pick Up Lines

These Berry Fruity Pick Up Lines are chock-full of phrases you’d like to hear from him and things you’d like to say to her in a unique way. All of these Fruity Pick Up Lines will give you butterflies in your stomach.

What are Pick Up Lines?

Romantic pick up lines are a deliberate attempt (that usually fails) to strike up a conversation with a stranger while romantically or sexually interested in them.

List of Cheesy Fruity Pick Up Lines

Prepare yourself to the cheesiest pick up lines that you will ever read!

Here are fruity pick up lines you can try!

  1. Dear! Aren’t you spicy? Cause you make my heartburn

  2. Hey babes! You’d be a sensual lip as like as red strawberry.

  3. Sweetheart, why you speak so acrid? Are you eating bitter gourd?

  4. If you and I were a fruit, then you’d be a fine apple, and I’d be your banana, and we together could produce pears.

  5. Hey, hot pepper! Would you like to lick my banana?

  6. Why I’m feeling thirst? I think I just need your delicious melons juice.

  7. I want to share 😉 a paopu fruit with you. ^_^

  8. Darling! If you’d be a fruit, you must be a date cause I loved to eat a date.

  9. Girl! You’re the apple of my eye.

  10. If you’re a fruit? Then you’d be grapes cause your grapes are sour.

  11. Ahhh, Baby! Your ass reminds me of the melons of my Orchard.

  12. You’re the fruit of Lehi’s dream……… the most prestigious for me.

  13. You are as tangled as fruit salad cause I could never understand you.

  14. Girls are as unpredictable as apple,,,,,,,,,,, because it could be sweet or bitter from inside.

  15. If you’d be a fine apple, so I cut you smoothly with my knife.

  16. If you’d be a fine apple, so I cut you smoothly with my knife.

  17. If I was a fruit fly, so I land on you first cause you look like honey.

  18. I froze some raspberries last summer; 😛 you’re hot enough to defrost them. 🔥

  19. Do you like strawberries or blueberries? Because I want to know which pancakes I have to make you in the morning.

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List of Funny and Fruity Pick Up Lines

Here is a list of the top naughty but fruity pick up lines. Go ahead and try them!

Are you really a lava cake at a restaurant? Because I want you. But can I trust you?

 I have a date>>>> Will you let me know when you will be free?

You might be known already, but your tomatoes are too juicy.

Honey! I think you are a mango because you make man-goes from himself.

 Keep patience, Cuz it would always be fruitful in the end.

Have you ever heard about the fruity? It’s a game……. Where you pop up your cherry with my banana.

You must be a farm lover because you’ve grown some fabulous melons.

I can’t wait to have you. We’d make a pearFACT couple.

I fall in love with your sensational apples.

Our love messed up like fruit salad.

If you’d be a berry, I would turn you out in a jam and eat all in the winter.

Would you mind if I borrow your cherries?

I loved to eat fruit salad with you.

Hey guy! Do you want to eat my oranges all night?

To take bananas in winters is no less than an adventure.

I want to spank you like a disobedient avocado and then eat you out after.

Is your banana? Because you’re a-peeling.

They don’t stare at me. What can I do? If your lemons have not enough guts to drink the juice of my watermelons.

“Are you a fruit? Cause honeydew :-* you know how fine you look right now?” 😏


So there you have it! 23+ Berry Fruity Pick Up Lines: Cheesy, Dirty, and Cute! I hope that these sweet pick up lines can help you out in getting the love of your life!

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