What Is Good Morning In Tagalog And How Do You Say It?

GOOD MORNING IN TAGALOG – In this article, we are going to learn how to say “good morning” in Tagalog. We will also translate to you the words “good” and “morning” in Tagalog. Are you ready? Let’s go.

What is Good Morning in Tagalog and How do you Say it?
What is Good Morning in Tagalog and How do you Say it?

Without further ado, let’s now know what “good morning” is in Tagalog.

What is “Good Morning” in Tagalog?

Good morningMagandang Umaga

As we can see in the table above, the translation of “good morning” in Tagalog is “magandang umaga.”

Good Morning in Tagalog

In the Philippines, as soon as Filipinos woke up, they used to say, “Good morning!” or “Magandang umaga!” even without someone listening. It is like a habit to Filipinos.

Some Filipinos also believe that when you start your day by saying those words, it will be a great day for you. Or they’re saying, “It’s a great day!”

How do you say “Good morning” in Tagalog?

This question is usually asked by someone who is either learning Tagalog or is going to visit the Philippines and wants to learn some basic Tagalog greetings. As we all know, the phrase “good morning” is a greeting or polite greeting to someone in the morning.

Let’s go back to the question: When you say “good morning,” in Tagalog you say “magandang umaga.”

For example, when you meet someone you know in the street, in a place, etc., in Tagalog we say, “Magandang umaga,” and if the person we greet is older than us, we say, “Magandang umaga po.” The word “po” is a sign of respect and is used by Filipinos to show respect to the elders.

But basically, the word “good” in Tagalog is mabuti, and “morning” is umaga. But we can’t say “mabuting umaga” when we greet people in the morning. It’s just unappropriate.

Other English-Tagalog Phrases

English PhrasesTagalog Phrases
Good Day!Magandang Araw!
Good morning to all.Magandang umaga sa lahat.
Good morning to all of you.Magandang umaga sa inyong lahat.
Good morning to you.Magandang umaga sa iyo.
Good morning also.Magandang umaga din.
Good morning friend.Magandang umaga kaibigan.
Good morning sir.Magandang umaga ginoo.
Good Morning, lady.Magandang umaga binibini.

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