What Is Fainting In Tagalog?

WHAT IS FAINTING IN TAGALOG? – Let us learn together and find out the translation of the word “fainting” in Tagalog, as well as its synonyms and meaning. Let us also learn how to use this word in a sentence correctly.


Fainting Meaning

What is the meaning of fainting? Before we proceed, I want you to know that fainting is a present participle of faint. Now, let me introduce to you the word “fainting.”

Fainting means losing consciousness for a short period of time. It is also called passing out. The cause of it is that our brain doesn’t receive enough blood or experiences an abrupt drop in blood flow in our brain.

Fainting in Tagalog translation

See below the Tagalog translations of the word “fainting,” along with a picture to help visualize and understand it more.

What Is Fainting In Tagalog?

The Tagalog translations of the word “fainting” are “nanghihina” or “nahihimatay.”

Just by looking at the picture, we can say that the girl is fainting and losing consciousness. Since we already know the cause of this, let’s find out how to prevent it. Experts say that in order to prevent fainting, you have to drink water, eat something, and take deep breaths.

Example Sentences

Below are some example sentences using the word “fainting” and its Tagalog translation.

Tomas saw Jessica fainting, so he helped her.Nakita ni Tomas na nanghihina si Jessica kaya’t tinulungan niya ito.
I immediately drank water because I was fainting.Agad akong uminom ng tubig dahil nahihimatay ako.
Brent is wondering how it feels when you’re fainting.Nagtataka si Brent kung ano ang pakiramdam kapag nanghihina ka.
Karyll is fainting every time she sees blood.Nanghihina si Karyll sa tuwing nakakakita ng dugo.
Always bring water wherever you go in case you feel like fainting.Laging magdala ng tubig kahit saan ka magpunta kung sakaling parang hihimatayin ka.

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