What In Tagalog – Translation And Meaning

WHAT IN TAGALOG – Certainly, you are here to know the translation of the word “what” in Tagalog. Before that, we need to know that in using words, whether by speaking or writing, it is crucial that we understand their meaning and how to use them correctly.

So, in this article, we will learn the translation of the word “what” as well as its meaning. Without further ado, let’s start reading and learning.

What In Tagalog - Translation And Meaning
What in Tagalog – Translation and Meaning

“What” in Tagalog translation

The Tagalog translation of the word “what” is ano. This word is used when asking for information about someone or something. Take the question above as an example of using what in a sentence.

Now, let us move on to the meaning of the word “what.”

What meaning

As mentioned above, the word “what” is used when asking for information about someone or something. It is also used in questions that show you are surprised or cannot believe something. For example;

  • Oh my Gosh! You did what? – In Tagalog, Ay naku! Ano ang ginawa mo?
  • What did you say? – In Tagalog, Ano ang sinabi mo?
  • What? I can’t believe you! – In Tagalog, Ano? hindi ako makapaniwala sayo!

To learn how to use it in a sentence, read the example sentences below.

Example Sentences – English to Tagalog

What is the importance of research?Ano ang kahalagahan ng pananaliksik?
What is the name of your favorite teacher?Ano ang pangalan ng iyong paboritong guro?
What do you want to eat for breakfast tomorrow?Ano ang gusto mong kainin para sa almusal bukas?
Can you tell me again? You did what?Maaari mo bang sabihin sa akin muli? Ano ang ginawa mo?
What have you done? I can’t believe you did this!Ano ang ginawa mo? Hindi ako makapaniwala na ginawa mo ito!
What happened to the party yesterday?Ano ang nangyari sa party kahapon?
You won’t believe me if I tell you what Jack did last summer.Hindi ka maniniwala sa akin kung sasabihin ko sa iyo kung ano ang ginawa ni Jack noong summer.

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