Suplada In English Translation With Meaning

SUPLADA IN ENGLISH – In this article will teach you about what is the word suplada in English translation and meaning.

What is Suplada in English - Meaning of Suplada in English
Suplada in English Translation With Meaning

There are a couple of words in the English language that could translate into suplada. However, the use of these words depends on the context of the sentence; therefore, be mindful of what you write.

What is the meaning of Suplada in Tagalog? (Suplada Kahulugan)

Ang suplada ay tumutukoy sa taong hindi namamansin sapagkat itinuturing ang sarili na angat sa iba.

Suplada Synonyms In Tagalog (Suplada Kasingkahulugan)

Here are some synonyms of Suplada in Tagalog.

  • Maldita
  • Hindi namamansin
  • Masama ang ugali
  • Suplado (lalaki)

What is Suplada in English?

Suplada Snobbish
Tagalog to English translation

The English word for “suplada” is translated as “snobbish.”

The origin of this word is likely the Spanish sopla, meaning to blow up or to inflate.

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Suplada Meaning In English (Snobbish)

The word “snobbish” is relating to people who are snobs.

Additionally, snobbish refers to having or showing the attitude of people who think they are better than other people.

Suplada Synonyms In English (Snobbish)

Here are the common synonyms of snobbish.

  • Unfriedly
  • Concieted
  • Unapproachable
  • Arrogant
  • Proud
  • Naughty
  • Elitist

Suplada in Tagalog Example Sentences

Here are the example sentences of suplada in Tagalog.

Sentences of Suplada in Tagalog
Si Marilou na siguro ang pinaka-supladang babae na nakilala ko
Hindi siguro tinuruan si Leah ng magandang asal, ang suplada kasi.
Paano ka naman magkakaroon ng nobyo kung ganyan ka ka-suplada?
Hindi ako suplada, sadyang iba lang yung tinitingnan ko.
Hindi naman kita ina-anu, bakit ang suplada mo?
Tagalog To English Translation Sentences

Suplada in English Example Sentences (Snobbish)

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Here are some example sentences in English (Snobbish)

  1. Marilou is the most snobbish lady I have ever known.

  2. Maybe Leah was not taught good manners, that is why she’s snobbish.

  3. How can you ever have a boyfriend if you are snobbish?

  4. I’m not snobbish, it’s just that I’m looking for someone else.

  5. I didn’t do anything to you, why is it your snobbish?

What is the meaning of Suplada in Tagalog?

Ang suplada ay tumutukoy sa taong hindi namamansin sapagkat itinuturing ang sarili na angat sa iba.

What is Suplada in English?


What is the meaning of Suplada in English?

It is relating to people who are snobs.

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