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NOBELA IN ENGLISH – This article will teach you about what nobela is in the English translation. What is the meaning of the nobela in English? Also, how to use the word nobela in English sentences.

In English, the Tagalog word nobela translates as “novel”. When we say nobela in Tagalog it means ito ay isang panitikan na kung saan ang mga karakter at mga pangyayari ay mas komplikado kaysa sa maikling kwento. Meanwhile, a novel is a narrative work of prose fiction that tells a story about specific human experiences over a considerable length.


There are a couple of words that could translate into Nobela. However, the use of these words depends on the context of the sentence; therefore, be mindful of what you write.

What is the meaning of Nobela in Tagalog? (Nobela Kahulugan)

Ang nobela ay isang panitikan na kung saan ang mga karakter at mga pangyayari ay mas komplikado kaysa sa maikling kwento. Ang naratibo rin na nobela ay may mga kabanata na nagpapaiba sa kanya sa iba pang genre ng panitikan.

Dagdag pa rito,ayon sa, ang isang nobela ay naglalahad ng mga pangyayaring pinagkabit-kabit gamit ang isang mahusay na balangkas. Ang pangunahing layunin nito ay maipakita ang hangarin ng bida at ng kontrabida gamit ang malikhaing pagsasalaysay ng mga pangyayari. Nararapat din na ang mga pangyayaring naitatala sa isang nobela ay magkakasunod, upang mapag-ugnay ng mga mambabasa ang mga nagaganap.

Gayunpaman, dalawa sa mga pinakamahahalagang nobela na isinulat ni Dr. Jose Rizal – ang Noli Me Tangere at El Filibusterismo – ang naging mitsa upang sumiklab ang himagsikan ng mga Pilipino laban sa mga mananakop.

Halimbawa ng Nobela

Ayon sa ito ang halimbawa ng nobela

  • Noli Me Tangere ni Jose Rizal
  • Harry Potter ni J.K Rowling
  • To kill a mockingbird ni Harper Lee
  • The Great Gatsby ni F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Lord Of the rings ni J.R.R Tolkien

Mga Katangian ng Nobela

Ayon sa ito ang mga katangian ng nobela

  • Madali at maayos ang pagkakasulat ng mga tagpo at kaisipan
  • Nagsasalarawan sa lahat ng aspeto ng buhay
  • Malikhain ang paglahad ng pangyayari
  • Maraming ligaw na tagpo at kaganapan
  • Malinis at maayos ang pagka sulat
  • Kaaya-aya
  • Maraming magagandang tagpo kung saan higit na nakikilala ang mga tauhan

Mga Uri ng Nobela

Ayon sa ito ang mga uri ng nobela

  • Nobela ng Kasaysayan
  • Nobela ng Pagbabago
  • Nobela ng Pag – ibig o Romansa
  • Nobela ng Pangyayari
  • Nobelang Panlipunan
  • Nobela ng Tauhan

Mga Bahagi ng Nobela

Ayon sa ito ang mga bahagi ng nobela

  • banghay  
  • damdamin  
  • pamamaraan  
  • pananalita  
  • pananaw  
  • simbolismo  
  • tagpuan  
  • tauhan  
  • tema  

Mga Layunin ng Nobela

Ayon sa ito ang mga layunin ng nobela

  • Gigising ang diwa at damdamin ng mga bumabasa
  • Magbigay – aral tungo sa pag-unlad ng buhay at lipunan.
  • Magsilbing daan tungo sa pagbabago ng sarili at lipunan.
  • Magbigay inspirasyon sa mga mambabasa.
  • Pukawin ang kaalaman ng mga tao sa pagsulat ng nobela.

Nobela Synonyms in Tagalog (Nobela Kasingkahulugan)

Here are some synonyms of Nobela in Tagalog

  • Uri ng panitikan
  • Kwento
  • Salaysay
  • Mahabang likhang sining

What is Nobela in English?

Tagalog to English Translation

Tagalog to English translation of the word nobela

The word Nobela could be translated as Novel in English

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What is the meaning of Nobela in English? (Novel)

What is the meaning of Nobela in English

A novel is a narrative work of prose fiction that tells a story about specific human experiences over a considerable length.

Additionally according to,, novels are dedicated to narrating individual experiences of characters, creating a closer, more complex portrait of these characters and the world they live in. Inner feelings and thoughts, as well as complex, even conflicting ideas or values are typically explored in novels, more so than in preceding forms of literature. It’s not just the stories themselves that are more personal, but the experience of reading them as well. Where epic poetry and similar forms of storytelling were designed to be publicly read or consumed as an audience, novels are geared more towards an individual reader.

The following traits must be present for a work to be considered a novel

According to these are the traits for a work to be considered as novel

  • Written in prose, as opposed to verse. Narrators may have different degrees of knowledge or different points of view (first person versus third person and so on). While stylized novels such as epistolary novels do exist, the key distinction here is between prose and verse.
  • Of considerable length/word count. There is no specific word count that automatically makes a work a novel, but in general, a short novel would be considered a novella, and even shorter than that would be short fiction.
  • Fictional content. Semi-fictionalized novels (such as historical works inspired by true events or persons) exist, but a work of pure non-fiction would not be classified as a novel.
  • Individualism, both on the page and for the intended audience.

Types of Novels

According to these are the types of novels

Mystery novels

Mystery novels revolve around a crime that must be solved, often a murder but not always. The traditional format will have a detective—either professional or amateur—as the protagonist, surrounded by a group of characters who help solve the crime or are suspects. Over the course of the story, the detective will sift through clues, including false leads and red herrings, to solve the case.

Science Fiction and Fantasy

One of the more popular genres of novels is science fiction and fantasy, which both deal with speculative world building. The lines between the two are often blurred, but in general, science fiction tends to imagine a world that’s different because of technology, while fantasy imagines a world with magic.

Horror/thriller novels

Thriller novels are occasionally combined with other genres, most often with mystery or science fiction. The defining characteristic is that these novels are often designed to induce a sense of fear, suspense, or psychological horror in the reader. 


Romance novels of the present day have some things in common with “romances” of the past: the idea of romantic love as an end goal, the occasional scandal, intense emotions at the center of it all. Today’s romances, however, are more specifically focused on telling a story of a romantic and/or sexual love between characters.

Historical Fiction

Just like its name suggests, historical fiction is simply a fictional story that takes place at some real, past time in human history. 

Realist Fiction

Realist fiction is, quite simply, fiction that eschews heightened genre or style to attempt to tell a story that “could” take place in the world as we know it. The focus is on representing things truthfully, without romanticization or artistic flourishes. 

Novel Structure and Elements

According to these are the structures and elementsof novels

Dividing Up the Story

Chapters tend to revolve around some small portion of the novel that is unified by a character, theme, or piece of plot. In larger novels, chapters may be grouped together into even larger sections, perhaps grouped by time period or an overarching portion of the story. 

Timelines and Points of View

Authors may choose to structure novels in a variety of different ways. Instead of telling a story chronologically, for instance, the story may toggle between different time periods in order to maintain suspense or make a thematic point. Novels may also switch between the perspectives of multiple characters, rather than focusing on a single character as the sole protagonist. A novel may be told in the first person (narrated by a character) or in the third person (narrated by an outside “voice” with varying degrees of knowledge).

Three-Act Structure

Regardless of the time frame, a novel’s plot will often follow what is known as the three-act structure. The opening chapters will be concerned with acquainting readers with the main cast of characters and the world of the story, before a specific incident, typically referred to as the “inciting incident,” shakes up the status quo and launches the “real” story. From that point, the story (now in “Act 2”) will enter a series of complications as the protagonist pursues some goal, encountering obstacles and smaller goals along the way. At the midpoint of the story, there will often be some major shift that raises the stakes, all leading up to the emotional and narrative climax towards the end of the novel. “Act 3” concerns itself with this finale and the fallout.

Nobela Synonyms in English (Novel)

Here are some synonyms of Novel in English

  • Book
  • Story
  • Tale
  • Narrative
  • Romance

Example Sentences of Nobela in Tagalog (Nobela)

Here are the example sentences of Nobela in Tagalog.

Sentences of Nobela in Tagalog
Napakagaling niyang magsulat ng isang nobela.
Ano ang paborito mong nobela?
Ang isang nobela ay nagpapakita ng mga pangyayari.
Laging nagbabasa ng nobela si Maria.
Pinakamahahalagang nobela na isinulat ni Dr. Jose Rizal ang Noli Me Tangere at El Filibusterismo.
Tagalog To English Translation of the word nobela Example Sentences

Example Sentences of Nobela in English (Novel)

Time needed: 3 minutes.

Here are some example sentences of the word Nobela in English Translation (Novel)

  1. He was very good at writing a novel.

  2. What is your favorite novel?

  3. A novel depicts events.

  4. Maria always reads a novel.

  5. Most important novel written by Dr. Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo.

What is the meaning of Nobela in Tagalog?

Ang nobela ay isang panitikan na kung saan ang mga karakter at mga pangyayari ay mas komplikado kaysa sa maikling kwento.

What is Nobela in English?


What is the meaning of Nobela in English?

A novel is a narrative work of prose fiction that tells a story about specific human experiences over a considerable length.

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