How To Say Good Night In Tagalog Language

GOOD NIGHT IN TAGALOG – Do you keep asking and wondering what the Filipino word for “good night” is? And, how exactly do Pilipino people express their farewell or “good night” in the Tagalog language?

In this lesson, we will show you what the Tagalog translation of this word is. Let’s get started!

How To Say Good Night In Tagalog Language
How To Say Good Night In Tagalog Language

In some countries, they use “good night” as a farewell at the end of the evening or when they’re going to leave a person after sending him or her home.

good night in Tagalog

Good night” is a signal before going to bed, and there are no direct translations in Tagalog.

However, it can be used in both English and Tagalog.

You can use either the spelling “goodnight” or “good night.” Both forms are okay to use. However, “good night” with two separate words is used in formal writing like creating an email or when you are writing a book.

What is Good night in Tagalog language

“Good night” doesn’t have a native equivalent word or direct translation in Tagalog, but you can say it this way:

  • Gudnayt (Informal)
  • Mahimbing na tulog
  • Matulog ka nang mahimbing
  • Matulog ka ng mabuti
  • Sana’y mahimbing ang iyong pagtulog
  • Magpahinga ka ng mabuti

Example Sentences of Good night in English to Tagalog Translation

I had a good night today.Naging maganda ang gabi ko ngayon.
Good night and don’t forget to pray before going to sleep.Matulog ka nang mahimbing at huwag kalimutang manalangin bago matulog.

The use of these words depends on the context of the sentence. Therefore, be mindful of what you write and what you say.

Let’s see some other examples of sentences that you can also use aside from saying “good night,” that will help your nighttime conversation with someone. Are you ready?

Then read the table below.

Go to sleepMatulog kana.
Sweet dreams or sleep soundlyMatulog ka nang mahimbing.
I will go to sleep nowMatutulog na ako.
Are you going to sleep?Matutulog ka na ba?
I’ll sleep ahead of you.Mauuna na akong matulog.
Let’s sleep.Tulog na tayo.

Do not use “magandang gabe” as a translation of “goodnight” in Tagalog if you mean farewell to someone who is about to go to sleep because it is not correct or appropriate.

This is sound confusing right? But “magandang gabe” is directly translated as “good evening.”

Thank you for reading, and God bless!

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