How To Say “Good Evening” In Tagalog Language?

GOOD EVENING IN TAGALOG – Do you keep asking and wondering what the Filipino word for “good evening” is? And, how exactly do Pilipino people express “good evening” in the Tagalog language?

In this lesson, we will show you what the Tagalog translation of this word is. Let’s get started!

How To Say Good Evening In Tagalog Language
How To Say Good Evening In Tagalog Language

What is Good evening?

“Good evening” is a greeting just like “good morning” and “good noon.” Their distinction is just time.

“Good evening” is used to greet someone politely or say “hello” to someone when you meet during the evening. Also, it is used as a farewell.

For example, if you are just walking around and then you meet someone on the road in the evening, you just simply say “good evening” and continue walking.

Some people use “evening” or “hello” if they don’t want to sound formal or informal. Additionally, “good evening” is used after 6 p.m. when there is no sun.

Good evening meaning

What is Good evening in Tagalog?

Good evening in Filipino is directly translated as “magandang gabe.”

magandang gabe
magandang – good
gabi – evening

However, the Tagalog of “good” is “mabuti,” while “maganda” is translated as “beautiful.”

In this phrase we used the adjective “maganda” to describe the evening. As you noticed the “ng” in magandang it is called linker because the word maganda is ended with vowel (a) so that is why we used ng.

So, it ended up being “beautiful evening” because we wanted to describe gabi, or evening. As a result, “good evening” is translated as “magandang gabe.”

Ang magandang gabi ay ginagamit bilang pagbati sa isang tao pagsapit ng gabe.

Samantala, ginagamit naman ang “magandang gabi po” kapag mas matanda ang iyong kinakausap or when you are talking to older people.

Example sentences of “good evening” in English to Tagalog translation

Good evening Ms. CruzMagandang gabi Ms. Cruz
Good evening, everyone!Magandang gabi sa lahat!
Good evening, welcome to our resort!Magandang gabi, maligayang pagdating sa aming resort!
Good evening to all of you.Magandang gabi sa inyong lahat.


In summary, we have discussed the meaning and translation of the English phrase “good evening” in Tagalog. We also provided example sentences.

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