How To Say Farewell In Tagalog Language

FAREWELL IN TAGALOG – For today’s lesson, you will know the meaning and how to say “farewell” in Tagalog. Also, you will discover the varieties of translations of the English word “farewell” in the Filipino language.

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Farewell In Tagalog Language
How To Say Farewell In Tagalog Language

What is the meaning of Farewell in English?

Farewell is an expression of good wishes on parting, just like goodbye. It’s just a formal and fancy way to say goodbye.

Farewell is a combination of fare and well, from Old English, which means travel or journey.

In addition, it implies that someone will be gone and not seen for a long time. It conveys a message that they will be missed by those people they are leaving behind. It is a good wish and good luck for someone who was leaving.

Farewell in Tagalog
Farewell in Tagalog

Moreover, it is an act of departure and an occasion for a person who says goodbye for leaving their work after working for a long time.

Filipino people usually use the word “farewell” in both English and Tagalog, as they are used to mixing English and Tagalog, or we call it “conyo.”

Farewell meaning in Tagalog

The English word “farewell” has no direct translation, but we could use the word “paalam.” However, paalam in English is directly translated as a goodbye.

Still, it is acceptable to use the word “paalam” as a translation of farewell in Tagalog.

The following are the ✔ best Tagalog translations for a farewell that you can use, but of course, it always depends on the context of your sentence.


These are the other words that can be used as a translations of the word “farewell” in Filipino.

paalam na po
paalam na
magbigay paalam

There are a couple of words in the Filipino language that could be translated into “farewell.” However, the use of these words depends on the context of the sentence. Therefore, be mindful of what you write.

Example sentences of Farewell in English and Tagalog

She gave her farewell speech during our year-end party.Nagbigay siya ng kanyang pamamalam na talumpati sa pagtatapos ng taon namin.
We have a farewell party every time someone is leaving or has ended their contract with the company.May despedida kami tuwing may aalis o tapos na ang kontrata sa kumpanya.
Our lunch has been arranged as a farewell.Ang aming tanghalian ay nakaayos bilang isang paalam.
He failed to show up for my farewell party.Nabigo siyang sumipot sa aking despedida.
 It was the first time I had an emotional farewell.Ito ang unang pagkakataon na nagkaroon ako ng emosyonal na pamamaalam.


In summary, we have discussed the meaning and translation of the word “farewell,” in Filipino We also provided example sentences.

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