How Do You Say “Sweet Dreams” In Tagalog?

SWEET DREAMS IN TAGALOG – In today’s lesson, we will show you the Tagalog translation of “sweet dreams.” What do Pilipino people usually say after saying goodnight?

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How Do You Say Sweet Dreams In Tagalog
How Do You Say Sweet Dreams In Tagalog

Sweet dreams is use to express pleasant dreams or wishing them for a good sleep for someone who is going to sleep. It is an old expression and an idiom.

Additionally, “sweet dreams” is a wish in order to avoid nightmares and get a good night’s sleep. If someone tells you “sweet dreams,” it means they want you to rest well.

There is no direct translation of “sweet dreams in Tagalog,” but you can also just say it as it is because it is also common for Filipinos to say “sweet dreams.” Also, you can use these words in both English and Tagalog.

It is always coordinate with the word good night. Example: Good night and sweet dreams

Sweet Dreams In Tagalog

Sweet dreamsMatulog ka nang mahimbing
Sweet dreamsPahinga ka ng maayos
Sweet dreamsMatamis na panaginip

There are a couple of words in the Filipino language that could be translated as “sweet dreams.” However, the use of these words depends on the context of the sentence. Therefore, be mindful of what you write and what you say.

Goodnight and Sweet dreams in Tagalog

Good night and sweet dreams.Gudnayt at matulog ka nang mahimbing.

Example sentences of Sweet Dreams in English to Tagalog

We should sleep early today. Good night, everyone, and sweet dreams.Dapat maaga tayong matulog ngayon. Magpahinga na tayong lahat at matulog ng mahimbing.
Sweet dreams from beautiful nightmare.Mga matamis na panaginip mula sa magandang bangungot.


In summary, we have discussed the meaning and translation of the word “sweet dreams,” in Filipino

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