Hindrance In Tagalog Translation And Meaning

HINDRANCE IN TAGALOG – This article will teach you what the Tagalog translation and meaning of the word “hindrance” is. If you really want to know the Tagalog translation of the word “hindrance,” just read the entire article.

Hindrance In Tagalog Translation And Meaning
Hindrance In Tagalog Translation And Meaning

What is the meaning of Hindrance?

The term “hindrance” refers to something or someone who causes a situation to be delayed, slowed, or made difficult. 

Also, it refers to things or problems that block and prevent a person from doing whatever he wants or desires.

What is a another word for hindrance?

  • barrier
  • deterrent
  • obstruction
  • drawback
  • handicap
  • hitch
  • impediment
  • interference
  • interruption
  • obstacle
  • snag
  • stumbling block
  • albatross
  • baggage

What is meaning of Hindrance in Tagalog Translation?

The meaning of hindrance in Tagalog are the following :

Hindrance✔ Sagabal
Hindrance✔ Hadlang

There is no direct Tagalog translation for the word hindrance in Tagalog; however, “sagabal” and “hadlang” are close words that can be used as translations. You can also use “istorbo” and “abala” for hindrance.

Always remember that it depends on the context of your sentence in order to fully translate the word.

Example Sentences of Hindrance in English to Tagalog translation

The hindrance of this development is your lame excusesAng hadlang sa pag-unlad na ito ay ang iyong mga walang kwentang dahilan.
Jake never saw poverty as a hindrance to his future success.Hindi kailanman nakita ni Jake na sagabal ang kahirapan sa kanyang tagumpay sa hinaharap.
Your action is not helping; it just becomes a hindrance.Ang iyong aksyon ay hindi nakakatulong; nagiging sagabal lang ito.
Let us persevere in life despite many hindrances.Maging pursigido tayo sa buhay kahit maraming hadlang.
Even though there were many hindrances to their love, they ended up together in the end.Marami man ang hadlang sa kanilang pag-iibigan nagkatuluyan parin sa huli.


In summary, we have discussed the meaning and translation of the English word hindrance in TagalogWe also provided example sentences.

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