Grumpy In Tagalog – Meaning and Translation

GRUMPY IN TAGALOG – For today’s lesson, you will know the Tagalog translation, meaning, and synonyms of the English word grumpy.”

Grumpy In Tagalog - Meaning and Translation
Grumpy In Tagalog – Meaning and Translation

Definition or Meaning of Grumpy


The word “grumpy” refers to a person who is sulky, irritable, bad-tempered, or gets angry easily.

Furthermore, it is being irritable because you are annoyed by something or simply tired and complaining about something. 

meaning of grumpy

Grumpy Synonyms

  • quick-tempered
  • short-tempered
  • surly
  • moody
  • peevish
  • sullen
  • irritable
  • cross
  • bad-tempered
  • grumbling

What is the meaning of Grumpy in Tagalog?

The table below shows the meaning of “grumpy” in Tagalog translations.

GrumpyMainit ang ulo

In the Filipino language, there are a couple of words that could be translated as “grumpy.” It depends on the context.

Example sentences of Grumpy in Tagalog

She’s a grumpy old lady.Isa siyang magagaliting matandang babae.
I haven’t had enough sleep, which is why I’m kind of grumpy. Kulang ang tulog ko kaya naman medyo masungit ako.
Jake is so grumpy every time he gets home after work.Mainitin ang ulo ni Jake tuwing umuuwi siya pagkatapos ng trabaho.
People think and say that my mom is grumpy, but they are wrong.Iniisip at sinasabi ng mga tao na magagalitin ang nanay ko, pero nagkakamali sila.
I’m sorry because I was too grumpy.Pasensya na dahil masyado akong nagalit.

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