Goodbye In Tagalog – How To Say It In Tagalog?

GOODBYE IN TAGALOG – Want to know how to say goodbye in Tagalog? Worry no more as I got you! Read until the end if you want to learn the Tagalog word for goodbye or how to say it in Tagalog.

Goodbye In Tagalog - How To Say It In Tagalog?
Goodbye in Tagalog – How to Say it in Tagalog?

Without further ado, let’s know what “goodbye” is in Tagalog.

Goodbye in Tagalog


As we can see in the table above, the translation of “goodbye” in Tagalog is “paalam.”


The word “goodbye” (or “paalam” in Tagalog) is what we say to people when we separate paths.

In Philippines, Filipinos doesn’t usually say “paalam” when they separate paths, they usually say, “una na ‘ko,” “mauna na ako,” “hanggang sa muli,” or just “bye.”

How do you say “goodbye” in Tagalog?

This question is usually asked by someone who is either learning Tagalog or is going to visit the Philippines and wants to learn some Tagalog words. As we all know, “goodbye” is used when parting or at the end of a conversation.

Let us go back to the question: When you say “goodbye” in Filipino, you say paalamuna na ako, or just byePaalam is a formal way to say goodbye, while una na akobye, etc., is an informal way to say it.

Example Sentences – English to Tagalog

Cheska said goodbye to her friend Mica before leaving.Nagpaalam si Cheska sa kaibigang si Mica bago umalis.
Carl and Andrew said goodbye to each other.Nagpaalam sina Carl at Andrew sa isa’t isa.
Ana left a letter as a goodbye to her boyfriend.Nag-iwan ng liham si Ana bilang paalam sa kanyang kasintahan.
Goodbye, my friend.Paalam, aking kaibigan.
Dino visits his daughter at school to say goodbye and leave for work.Bumisita si Dino sa kanyang anak sa paaralan upang magpaalam at umalis para magtrabaho.

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