Good luck In Tagalog Translation

GOOD LUCK IN TAGALOG – For today’s lesson, you will know the Tagalog translation and meaning of the English word “good luck.” To fully understand the meaning of good luck in Tagalog, read the whole article.

Good luck In Tagalog Translation
Good luck In Tagalog Translation

What is the meaning of “Good luck”?

The phrase “good luck” is used to express your wishes for someone’s success. If you say “good luck” to someone or “best luck,” it implies that you are hoping for their success in whatever they intend to do.

Good luck meaning

Aside from “good luck,” you can also use the formal way, which is “best of luck with your future endeavors.” Wait, there’s more! You can also use the casual way to say good luck, which is as follows:

  • “You got this!”
  • “Break a leg!”
  • “Knock ’em dead!”
  • “Blow them away!”
  • “bring home the bacon!”

In addition, “good luck” can be used sarcastically. For example, if you think that someone is trying to do a difficult thing or that it is impossible for him to do it, you just simply say “Good luck to you!” in a sarcastic way.


A: I can do it

B: “Are you sure? Well, good luck to you!”

What is Good luck in Tagalog?

The phrase “good luck” has no direct translation in Tagalog. However, it can be used in both English and Tagalog. Filipinos are most likely to speak two languages, or what is called “bilingual,” as colonizers influenced their language and culture.

These are the following translations, which you could use as “Good luck.”

Mabuting swerte
This is the literal translation of “good luck,” but no one uses this phrase.

Pagpalarin ka sana or Palarin ka sana
This is an old-fashioned expression for wishing for good fortune. 

Sana swertehin ka.
It means you are hoping that someone will be lucky.

The following are the other translations for “good luck” in Tagalog.

  • swerte
  • suwertihin
  • buwenas
  • pampasuwerte

Example sentences of “Good luck” in English to Tagalog translation

Good luck for your next career.Pagpalarin ka sana sa iyong susunod na karera.
I wanted to know about good luck.Nais kong malaman ang tungkol sa suwerte.
They believe that it is a good luck charm.Naniniwala sila na ito ay isang pampasuwerte charm.
Good luck to them.Good luck na lang sa kanila.
I am praying for you. Good luck.Ipinagdarasal kita. Sana swertehin ka.


In summary, we have discussed the meaning and translation of the English phrase “good luck” in Tagalog. We also provided example sentences.

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