Fatigue In Tagalog With Example Sentences

FATIGUE IN TAGALOG – Some words have different definitions or meanings, so a lot of people are also confused about how to use that word correctly. In this article, we will talk about the word “fatigue.” Let us find out if it also has two definitions or if it only means one thing.

Fatigue Meaning In Tagalog With Example Sentences
Fatigue Meaning in Tagalog with Example Sentences

Fatigue Meaning

The word “fatigue” refers to the feeling of extreme tiredness. It is usually a caused of an illness, stress, or hard work.

It is said that fatigue is not a condition but rather a symptom. Also, it has its own symptoms. Some are,

  • Irritability
  • Sleepiness
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Weakness
  • Loss of appetite

Fatigue meaning in Tagalog

Before we start knowing the meaning of fatigue in Tagalog, let us first know its Tagalog translation. The Tagalog translation of fatigue is “pagkapagod.” Now, let us move on in knowing its meaning.

The meaning of the word “fatigue” in Tagalog, or “pagkapagod” is, “tumutukoy sa pakiramdam ng matinding pagod na kadalasang sanhi ng isang sakit, stress, o sobrang pagtatrabaho.”

English-Tagalog Example Sentences of Fatigue

Hector is suffering from fatigue after his long journey.Si Hector ay dumaranas ng pagkapagod pagkatapos ng kanyang mahabang paglalakbay.
Have time to rest to avoid fatigue.Magkaroon ng oras upang magpahinga upang maiwasan ang pagkapagod.
Nico could tell Vince was suffering from fatigue from the look on his face.Kitang-kita ni Nico na dumaranas ng pagkapagod si Vince base sa hitsura ng mukha nito.
Many people wonder if they can die from fatigue.Maraming mga tao ang nag-iisip kung maaari silang mamatay sa pagkapagod.
Janice is trying not to get stressed to avoid fatigue.Pinipilit ni Janice na huwag ma-stress para maiwasan ang pagkapagod.

Other English and Tagalog Translations

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