Explore In Tagalog Translation

EXPLORE IN TAGALOG – This article will show you the different translations for the English word “explore,” its meaning and examples.

Explore In Tagalog Translation
Explore In Tagalog Translation

Definition or Meaning of Explore

The word “explore” means traveling to different places to see and discover something, especially for adventure.

Additionally, it refers to conducting tests, investigating, analyzing, studying, or digging into something for a purpose.

What is the meaning of Explore in Tagalog?

Ang salitang explore ay maaring gamitin sa salitang Filipino at sa Ingles. Ang explore sa Filipino ay nangangahulugan suriing mabuti.

The Filipino Translations of the English word “explore” are as follows:

The best Tagalog translation for “explore” are:Other Tagalog translation for “explore“ are:

There are a couple of words in the Filipino language that could be translated into “explore.” However, the use of these words depends on the context of the sentence. Therefore, be mindful of what you write


In summary, we have discussed the meaning and translation of the word “explore,” in Filipino. We also provided example sentences.

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