Edi Wow Meaning in English (Tagalog Slang)

EDI WOW This article will teach you about what is the meaning of edi wow (Tagalog slang)?

Edi Wow Meaning in English (Tagalog Slang)
Edi Wow Meaning in English

There are a couple of words that could translate into Edi Wow. However, the use of these words depends on the context of the sentence; therefore, be mindful of what you write.

What is the meaning of Edi wow in Tagalog? (Edi Wow kahulugan)

Ang “edi wow” ay isang tagalog slang at isang ekpresyon ng mga Filipino ito ang pagpapahayag ito ng labis na pagkamangha. Ngunit ito rin ay ginagamit sa sarkastiko bilang ang ibig sabihin ay “so ano, walang pakialam”.

Dagdag pa rito, magsasabi ka ng “edi wow” kung ang isang tao ay gumawa ng papuri sa kanya sa isang sitwasyon kung saan ito ay hindi hinihingi.

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What is Edi Wow in English?

Edi WowWho cares or So what
Edi WowThen wow
A Tagalog to English translation

The Tagalog phrase for “Edi wow” literally means “then wow” in English, but when used sarcastically, it means “who cares or so what.”

What is the meaning of Edi Wow In English? (Edi Wow Meaning)

The phrase “Edi wow” literally means “then wow” in English, but when used sarcastically, it means “who cares, so what.” Also, it is used to answer in a smart and logical way.

Additionally, you say “edi wow” when someone gives themselves a compliment without being asked. Also, it is something that Filipinos will say when they have nothing else to say.

Example Sentences of Edi Wow

A. I feel pretty today.

B. Edi wow!

A. I’m going to US tomorrow.

B. Edi wow!

Furthermore, the phrase “edi wow” is a Filipino expression. Filipinos use the Tagalog expression edi wow to express themselves.

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