Alleged In Tagalog Translation With Meaning

ALLEGED IN TAGALOG – This article will teach you what the word “alleged” is in the Tagalog translation and its meaning.


There are a couple of words in the Filipino language that could be translated into “alleged.” However, the use of these words depends on the context of the sentence. Therefore, be mindful of what you write.

What is the meaning of Alleged in English?

The word “alleged” means a statement that has been made but has not been confirmed.

Additionally, it is accused but not found guilty or proved.

Alleged Synonyms In English

Here are some synonyms of “alleged”

  • Supposed
  • So-called
  • claimed
  • Professed
  • Purported
  • Ostensible
  • Apparent
  • Putative
  • Unproven
  • Rumored
  • Reputed
  • Presumed
  • Assumed
  • Reported
  • Declared
  • Stated
  • Avowed
  • Described

What is Alleged in Tagalog?

English to Tagalog translation

The Tagalog word for “alleged” is translated as “di-umanoy.”

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Alleged meaning In Tagalog (Di-umano’y kahulugan)

Ang di-umano’y ay tumutukoy sa isang pahayag ngunit hindi pa nakumpirma.

Dagdag pa rito, ito ang inaakusahan ngunit hindi napatunayang nagkasala o napatunayan.

Alleged Synonyms in Tagalog (Di-umano’y Kasingkahulugan)

Here are the common synonyms of Alleged in Filipino.

  • Sinasabing
  • Inakusahan
  • Napabalitang
  • Hindi kapani-paniwala
  • Naiulat
  • Ideniklara

Alleged in English Example Sentences

Here are the example sentences of Alleged in English.

Sentences of Alleged in English
She is alleged to have gotten all the jewels.
The defendant and others barged into the alleged victim’s residence.
You alleged an innocent person.
They alleged cheating during the examination.
You don’t have any right to allege someone if you don’t have enough evidence.
English to Tagalog translation example sentences

Alleged in Tagalog Example Sentences (Di-umano’y)

Time needed: 1 minute.

Here are some example sentences of Alleged in Filipino (Di-umanoy)

  1. Sinasabing nakuha niya ang lahat ng mga alahas.

  2. Ang akusado at iba pa ay pumasok sa tirahan ng di-umano’y biktima.

  3. Inakusahan mo ang inosenteng tao.

  4. Nanloko di-umano sila sa pagsusuri.

  5. Wala kang karapatan sa akusahan ang isang tao kung wala kang sapat na katibayan.

What is the meaning of Alleged in English?

The word “alleged” means a statement that has been made but has not been confirmed.

Alleged n Tagalog?


What is the meaning Alleged Tagalog?

Ang di-umano’y ay isang pahayag na nagawa ngunit hindi pa nakumpirma.

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