Request Letter Sample: Guide and Free Template

Request Letter Sample – Do you want to write a request letter for a certificate of employment, job transfer, or promotion but don’t know how? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

This article will give you a template on how to write a sample request letter for a certificate of employment, payment, recommendation in college admission, for approval, for job transfer, donation requests, and for promotion.

Request Letter sample
Request Letter sample

All the letter formats or templates in this article are free. Bear in mind that in writing and sending a letter, it should be brief and to the point. To appear professional and respectful, when writing a letter, one should include contact information like the details of your request and phone number.

But first, you need to know what is a request letter.

What is a Request Letter?

A request letter is a formal letter or document produced in the context of asking something from an authority, whether for products or services. This type of business letter can be addressed to your employer or manager in order to get leave, a raise in income, or a promotion. A social welfare organization may also send a request letter to a corporation for donation.

How to Write a Request Letter Sample for Certificate of Employment

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Now that you have learned about a request letter, here is the step-by-step guide to writing it. We will use a request letter for a certificate of employment.

  1. Write the Date

    The first step is to write the date at the top left corner of the letter.

  2. Write the Receiver’s information

    Next is to write the receiver’s name and address at the top left corner of the letter. It is directly below the date. Take note to always leave 1 line of space blank before writing the next part of the letter.

  3. Write the salutation

    The third step is to write the salutation. When writing the salutation, you may start with “Dear” (e.g., Dear Mr. or Mrs.), but if you want to be more formal, use the word “To“. If you know the person to whom the letter is addressed, you have to write the full name and title of that person.

  4. Write the introduction

    The next step is to write the introduction. In the first paragraph of your cover letter, say what job you are applying for and where you saw the ad for it. Include what makes you interested in the job and the company so that the reader knows this is not a generic cover letter.

    Briefly describe your key experience or qualification that makes you a good fit. This is the part of your application letter that will get the hiring manager to read it, so make your case quickly and simply.

    Request Letter sample intro

  5. Write the body

    The next paragraphs of your letter should showcase your experience, credentials, and talents in a way that is consistent with the company’s aims and mission.

    For example, if you are looking for a position with a nonprofit organization that provides educational opportunities to underprivileged community members, you might discuss your previous work with nonprofits or educational offerings. Because a job application letter should be able to stand alone without a resume, it’s a good idea to add facts about your experience that are relevant to the position for which you’re applying.

  6. Express appreciation in writing

    Before you sign off on your letter, thank the hiring manager for taking the time to study it and consider you for the position. Thanking the hiring manager for their time is a courteous and professional way to end the document.

  7. Close the letter with your signature

    Lastly, write the closing part of the application letter for the job application. For closing words, you can use “sincerely,” “best regards,” etc. Then sign over the printed name of the sender’s name.


[Employer/Manager Name]

Respectable Sir/Madam, (Salutation)

I, (mention your name), have worked as (Job title) in (Company name) for the time period of (duration). I am writing to you today as I want to request an employment certificate. 
I need this certificate because [Specify your purpose and all details that are worth mentioning]. I am really hoping that you would grant my request by issuing me this certificate by [date you require the certificate]. It will greatly be appreciated.  
Thank you,



Request For Payment Letter

After the above steps on how to write a request letter sample for a certificate of employment, I will give you a request letter sample for payment. You can copy the template and supply your own information.


{Recipient’s Name}
{Recipient’s Address}
{City, State, Zip Code}

Subject: Request for Overdue Payment

Dear {Mr./Mrs./Ms. Last Name}

This is to bring to your attention that I have not received payment for {specify product/service}, which was provided on {date} by {business name}. The amount due is {amount}. I have attached the invoice for your consideration.

I would appreciate it if you settle your bill in full by {deadline} because {state reasons}.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact me at {contact information}.

I look forward to a prompt response.


{Your Name}
{Job Title}
{Company Name}

Request For Recommendation In College Admission Letters

Also, here is an example of how to write a letter of recommendation for college admission. Feel free to copy the template and simply fill in the blanks with the information needed to complete the letter.


[Name of Recommender]
[Position, Company, Address]

Dear Mr./Miss/Mrs. [Last Name of Recommender],

[Greetings]! This is [Name]. I'm applying to study [Course] at several colleges. I would be thrilled if you would write me a letter of recommendation that I can submit with my applications.

[State academic accomplishments and reasons for getting a recommendation] 

I'm applying to [Name of College/Colleges/Universities]. I would need the letter by [Date needed]. I would sincerely appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to help me with this.

Please let me know if you would be willing to write me a strong letter of recommendation. Thank you for taking the time to consider my request, and I hope you have a wonderful day!


[Name and Signature]

Letter For Approval Request

Here is the Request Letter Sample For Approval. Feel free to copy the template and simply fill in the blanks with the information needed to complete the letter.

(You name)


(Name of the recipient)

(Subject: Should summarize the intent of the letter and be in bold.)

Dear (the name of your recipient)

I am writing this letter to request for approval for (mention you’re the approval that you need.)

In this paragraph, explain in detail what your approval is and also explain why this approval is essential to you, be it a work project approval or a thesis sample approval.

Now appreciate him or her for his/her time and express the intention of expecting a response. Include your telephone number and a few more contact options so that it can be easier for them to contact you.



(Your Name)
(Phone )
(Email Address)

Job Transfer Request Letter Template

Here is the Request Letter for Job Transfer. Just make a copy of the template and fill in the blanks with the necessary information.

(You name)


(Name of the recipient)

(Subject: Should summarize the intent of the letter and be in bold.)

Dear (the name of your recipient)

I am writing to request consideration for a transfer from my position at XYZ Inc. to a similar position at the XYZ office located in Dallas, Texas. My family has experienced some changes which necessitate the need for me to be in closer proximity to them.

I have enjoyed working here for the past seven years and appreciate the experience I have gained. I have held several positions at XYZ, which have given me an excellent overview of the company’s operations.

I am confident that my in-depth knowledge and strong communication skills would be an asset to the staff in Dallas. While I will regret leaving my colleagues here, I feel that I could contribute significantly to the company’s potential growth in Texas.

I am enclosing my updated resume for your review. Thank you for your consideration and assistance in this matter. If you need any additional information, please contact me.



(Your Name)
(Phone )
(Email Address)

Request For Promotion Letter Template

Lastly, here is the Request Letter Sample for Job Promotion. Just make a copy of the template and fill in the blanks with the necessary information.

(Sender’s address)

(Date when the letter was written)

(recipient address)

Subject: Promotion request letter

Dear (Recipient name),

I would like to request for promotion to the position of (position in consideration). I have been in my current role for (number of years). I believe my experience, achievements and acquired skills make me the best person for promotion to (position).

I joined the organization 7 years ago as a (position) then I got promotion after 3 years to my current position. I have always worked hard with a promotion to this position in mind. 2 years ago, I requested my head of department to be my mentor to prepare me for a promotion to (position). I feel I am now ready for the transition.

I have successfully delivered in my current role. I was awarded the best employee in the team last year based on performance against peers. I have also acquired different skills in my current role that I believe have made me suitable for the position. These include (outline skills). I successfully undertook a project on (project) that greatly enhanced delivery of the department’s objectives last year. All these are some of the key skills needed to be (position).

If I get this promotion, I believe the company will greatly benefit from my experience and skills. I would also like to request for a face to face discussion where I can highlight my strengths further.

Yours sincerely,


(current designation)

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