Medical Laboratory Scientist Cover Letter Sample With Writing Tips

Medical Laboratory Scientist Cover Letter – A medical laboratory scientist is the one that performs blood testing and helps doctors diagnose and treat diseases, etc. Before getting that position, you need to make a persuasive cover letter, so this article will help you. We have a sample of a medical laboratory scientist cover letter with steps and tips.

In order for you to stand out among other applicants, you need to write a powerful, well-written cover letter. Also, include your relevant skills, qualifications, and experience based on the job description. Show them that you are the perfect candidate for that position.

Use our sample or example of a cover letter for a medical laboratory scientist below. This will give you an edge over other applicants in your application.

Medical Laboratory Scientist Cover Letter Sample With Writing Tips
Medical Laboratory Scientist Cover Letter Sample With Writing Tips

What is a Medical Laboratory Scientist Cover Letter?

A medical laboratory scientist cover letter is a formal business letter used to apply for a position as a medical laboratory scientist or medical technologist. Its role is to perform complex tests for treating diseases.

Additionally, your cover letter is important because it helps you stand out among other applicants and will help you land the desired job.

Why do we use Medical Laboratory Scientist Cover Letters?

People use it when applying for medical laboratory scientist jobs, and it plays an important part in every job seeker’s journey. It offers more relevant information together with a resume.

In addition to that, it helps you to explain yourself more and it will significantly speed up your job application. Moreover, you can say more than just why you want a job. You can also talk about what makes you unique from the rest.

What to include in a Medical Laboratory Scientist Cover Letter?

  • Highlight your relevant achievements and detail your experiences.
  • Demonstrate why you are perfectly fit for the job position.
  • Include any certificates and expand your skills and expertise.

Tips in writing a Medical Laboratory Scientist Cover Letter

  • Personalize the letter or Be Specific.
    – Make sure your cover letter is tailored to the specific job, and do not use generic language. Mention your qualities that will give you an edge among other applicants.
  • Simplify
    – Make your cover letter clear and concise. Don’t use complicated words, and use your best writing skills. A simple cover letter with no errors has the potential to get hired.
  • Omit unnecessary details
    Don’t include something which is not applicable to your letter. It’s better to leave your personal things and focus on your topic.
  • Take time
    – You don’t have to rush everything when writing your cover letter. A written cover letter is not just a letter. Your career depends on this. Investigate or research the hospital to which you intend to apply.
  • Proofread
    – After writing the letter, it is important to re-read everything you wrote. A letter with grammatical errors and typos will most certainly fail to get the job.

How to write a Medical Laboratory Scientist Cover Letter? Template

Time needed: 3 minutes.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to write a cover letter for medical laboratory scientist.

  1. Write the sender’s information

    The next step is to write the name and address at the top left corner of the letter.  Always leave 1 line of space blank before writing the next part of the letter.

    medical laboratory scientist cover letter sender's information

  2. Write the Date

    The next step is to write the date at the top left corner of the letter.

    sample medical laboratory scientist cover letter date

  3. Write the receiver’s information

    The third step is to write the receiver’s information.

    cover letter for medical laboratory scientist receiver's information

  4. Write the salutation

    The fourth step is to write the salutation. Writing the salutation, you may start with “Dear” (e.g. Dear Mr./Mrs.), but if you want to be more formal use the word “To“. It is more polite to write the full name of the person to whom the letter is addressed.
    salutation for medical laboratory scientist cover letter examples

  5. Write the body

    The fifth step is to write the body of the letter. Your letter should be polite and use the right words so that the person reading it can easily understand it.
    example medical laboratory scientist cover letter body

  6. Write the Closing salutation with your signature

    Lastly, write the closing part of the letter. For closing words, you can use SincerelyBest regards, etc. Then signature over the printed name of the sender’s name.
    salutation with signature for medical laboratory scientist cover letter

Feel free to download the example cover letter here.

Medical laboratory scientist Letter Sample

Here’s an sample of a cover letter templates that you can use for medical lab scientist.

Cody Fredrickson

(123) 456-7891

[email protected]

May 1, 2018

Dear Hiring Manager,

I'm very appreciative of the opportunity to apply for the Laboratory Technician position at Crane & Jenkins Research Institute. My career goal has always been to work in the science field, and I believe this opportunity lines up perfectly with my ambitions. Working in this particular field of study is very exciting, and I'm looking forward to learning more about this position.

During my employment at River Tech Testing, I worked in the laboratory for nine years and helped physicians perform technical diagnostic tests. My role also included collecting and recording extensive amounts of data. River Tech experienced sustained success during my tenure; the laboratory had a 15% increase in accuracy compared to the five years before my employment there. I enjoy the challenge of keeping detailed records and always following a meticulous pattern for achieving the most accurate results.

My passion for science motivated me to attend Coral Springs University as soon as I finished high school. I graduated with a bachelor's of science degree and finished in the top 10% of my class. During my studies, I volunteered for many studies and received valuable experience in the lab testing field that prepared me for my future career. One of the studies involved testing DNA for a particular genetic disease, and my team was instrumental in helping the researchers identify the genes related to that specific disease.

Thank you for taking the time to read and review my cover letter for the Laboratory Technician position at Crane & Jenkins Research Institute. I believe that I am highly qualified for this job due to my past experience and educational background. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding my application.


Cody Fredrickson

Clinical Laboratory Scientist Cover Letter

Here’s an example of Clinical laboratory scientist cover letter.

Your Name:
Contact Details:
Email Address:

Date: MM/ DD/ YYYY

Employer's Name:
Company's Name:

Dear Mr. / Mrs. (Employer's Name),

I was really excited to learn about the position of clinical laboratory scientist in your organization. I came across the advertisement on the job portal (mention the source of the job vacancy). I have enclosed my resume with this letter.

I have completed my four year degree course in medical technology and have a year of experience in clinical laboratory scientist. I have acquired the license to practice which is certified by the American Medical Technologists. During my year old work experience, I generated report data, analyzed the test results and assisted doctors to search results. I am well aware of the modern technology involved and maintenance of the laboratory equipments. I believe using quality control procedures and verify my reports before preparing my final reports.

I would be glad to be a part of your team and learn a lot from you. If you feel I meet up to the requirements for the position, please do let me know. I can be contacted at (insert contact details) or email me at (mention email address).

Thank you so much for the precious time you took to read my letter. I look forward to meet you soon.

Your Name:

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