Engineering Cover Letter Sample With Writing Tips [Template]

Engineering Cover Letter – Submitting a captivating cover letter makes you stand out among other applicants. Writing a cover letter for engineering is the first step to getting the position. This article will help you craft it. A step-by-step guide is provided as well as a sample cover letter for engineering.

In your cover letter, express your interest in the position. Show your potential employers why you’re the best person for the job description by going into more detail about your skills, experience, and qualifications. And if you’re a recent graduate, it doesn’t matter. Just expand what you can do for the company.

Do you need some help in writing it? Don’t worry, we have an example cover letter for engineering with tips that will help you get into the field of engineering.

engineering cover letter
engineering cover letter

What is an Engineering Cover Letter?

An engineering cover letter is a formal business letter used to apply for a position as an engineer. Your cover letter helps you to stand out among other applicants.

Additionally, resume and cover letter is important to get the desired job.

There are four main types of engineering, and the example letter can be used for all of them. 

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering.

Why do we use Engineering Cover Letters?

People use it when applying for engineering jobs in any kind of business environment. It offers more relevant information than a resume.

It is also the first step in your application to get hired as an engineer, and it will significantly speed up your application.

In addition to that, it is used to let candidates for engineering jobs give more details and examples of their skills than a resume. Engineers can say more than just why they want a job. They can also talk about what makes them unique.

What to include in an Engineering Cover Letter?

  • Highlight your achievements and detail your experiences.
  • Include any certificates and expand your skills, and expertise.

Tips in writing an Engineering Cover Letter

  • Personalize the letter or Be Specific.
    – Make sure your cover letter is tailored to the specific job position, and do not use generic language. Mention your qualities that will give you an edge among other applicants.
  • Simplify
    – Make your cover letter clear and concise. Don’t use complicated words, and use your best writing skills. A simple cover letter with no errors has the potential to get hired.
  • Omit unnecessary details
    Don’t include something which is not applicable to your letter. It’s better to leave your personal things and focus on your topic.
  • Take time
    – You don’t have to rush everything when writing your cover letter. A written cover letter is not just a letter. Your career depends on this. Investigate the company to which you intend to apply.
  • Proofread
    – After writing the letter, it is important to re-read everything you wrote. A letter with grammatical errors and typos will most certainly fail to get the job.

How to write an Engineering Cover Letter? Template

Time needed: 3 minutes.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to write a cover letter for engineering.

  1. Write the sender’s information

    The next step is to write the name and address at the top left corner of the letter.  Always leave 1 line of space blank before writing the next part of the letter.

    sender's information - engineering cover letter

  2. Write the Date

    The next step is to write the date at the top left corner of the letter.
    date - sample engineering cover letter

  3. Write the receiver’s information

    The third step is to write the receiver’s information.
    receiver's information - cover letter for engineering

  4. Write the salutation

    The fourth step is to write the salutation. Writing the salutation, you may start with “Dear” (e.g. Dear Mr./Mrs.), but if you want to be more formal use the word “To“. It is more polite to write the full name of the person to whom the letter is addressed.
    salutation - engineering cover letter examples

  5. Write the body

    The fifth step is to write the body of the letter. Your letter should be polite and use the right words so that the person reading it can easily understand it.
    body - engineering cover letter examples

  6. Write the Closing salutation with your signature

    Lastly, write the closing part of the letter. For closing words, you can use SincerelyBest regards, etc. Then signature over the printed name of the sender’s name.
    salutation - engineering cover letter

Feel free to download the example cover letter here.

Engineering Cover Letter Sample

Here’s an example of a cover letter templates that you can use when applying for engineering position.

17 June 2022

Kris Leung
100 Technology Drive
Broomfield, Co, 80021
(720) 305-2957
[email protected]

Dear Mx. Leung,

I am pleased to be applying for the position of Mechanical Engineer at Biofire Technologies. With 6+ years in the field, I believe that my extensive experience working with 3D CAD Software – SolidWorks, in particular – to architect and execute lightweight materials creation will contribute greatly to your organization.

I am recognized for my attention to detail and precision in the handling and manipulation of fragile materials. Moreover, I have a proven track record of expert communication, having worked as a liaison between various teams, including design, production, quality assurance, and machine shop floor personnel.
What draws me most to your company is your work in the health care industry. During my time at SeedSecure, I learned the demands of working in an FDA-regulated environment and pride myself on maintaining the utmost adherence to safety and sanitation rules and regulations. Furthermore, I make a priority of studying the latest industry trends and best practices, ensuring that myself and my team are bringing the most current standards to the shop floor.
Enclosed you will find my resume, which further details my skills, experience, and qualifications. I look forward to further discussing with you how I can contribute to the goals of your organization. Please contact me at your earliest convenience via email at [email protected] or by phone at (303)-361-8459.


Aleena Rashed

Here’s another example of a cover letter for engineering template that you can use.

Cody Fredrickson

(123) 456-7891

[email protected]

May 1, 2018

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am excited to be applying for the Engineer position at TradeLot. This specific role perfectly captures what I hoped to achieve as an engineer when starting my career journey. The work your company does is fascinating, and I have read in great detail about the cutting-edge technology being utilized. This position would help set me on the right path to achieve my career goals.

During my previous role at River Tech, I learned to work in interdisciplinary teams that included both technical and non-technical disciplines. Here, I was able to flourish as an effective communicator that was able to ensure that all stakeholders' needs were both communicated effectively to the team and met to the clients' highest level of satisfaction.

I was able to implement a new testing procedure that cut our beta testing phase by up to 12%, meaning the clients were able to see a finished prototype weeks before our competitors. Also, I am currently studying for my Fundamentals of Engineering exam, which will set me on the path to become a Professional Engineer (PE). I hope to grow as both an employee of TradeLot and as a professional in this role. In this new role, I am willing to work diligently to meet the needs of the company and to become a productive part of the team as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I'm looking forward to learning more about the Engineer position and about TradeLot. My previous experience makes me an ideal candidate for this position, and I hope to be given an opportunity to show the team firsthand what an asset I can be. I look forward to hearing back from you.


Cody Fredrickson

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