What Is Analogy In Tagalog Translation?

ANALOGY IN TAGALOG – Are you still wondering what the word analogy meaning in Tagalog, or you are just having a hard time looking for its Tagalog translation?

Well, you don’t have to worry because this article will help you regarding the meaning of analogy in Tagalog.

The only thing you will do is read the whole article for you to understand the definition of analogy.

What Is Analogy In Tagalog Translation
What Is Analogy In Tagalog Translation

What is the meaning of Analogy?

An analogy is a comparison of two unlike things that have similarities in features, qualities or in some aspect. Typically used to demonstrate how things are similar in order to provide further explanations and clarification.

For example, “Life is like a box of chocolates “— you never know what you’re gonna get.

Additionally, the purpose of an analogy is not merely to show but also to explain. For this reason, an analogy is more complex than a simile or a metaphor, which aim only to show without explaining.

(Similes and metaphors can be used to make an analogy, but usually analogies have additional information to get their point across.)

What is Analogy in Tagalog?

Analogy✔ Pagkakatulad
Analogy✔ Analohiya

The Tagalog translation of “analogy” could be “pagkakatulad,” however it’s more on similarities rather than “analogy,”but still it is appropriate depending on the context of your sentence. Other than that, you can also use the tagalized form of analogy, which is “analohiya.”

Example Sentences of Analogy in English to Tagalog Translation

The following are example sentences of analogy in both English and Tagalog, so that you can fully understand.

“Life is a box of chocolates” is one of the most famous analogies we know.“Ang buhay ay isang kahon ng mga tsokolate” ay isa sa mga pinakasikat na analohiya na alam namin.
It seems like there is no analogy between your problem and mine.Parang walang pagkakatulad ang problema mo at ng problema ko.
You know the analogy between the heart and a pump?Alam mo ba ang pagkakahawig sa pagitan ng puso at ng bomba?


In summary, we have discussed the meaning and translation of the English word analogy in TagalogWe also provided example sentences.

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