Tanaga Example (Tagalog Short Tanaga Poem)

TANAGA EXAMPLE – This article will introduce to you the example Tanaga Poems in English and Tagalog Language. These tanaga are traditional Tagalog poems of Filipino people. You can also make your own Tanaga Poems and explore your creative skill in making Poems.

Examples of Tanaga Poems in Tagalog and English
Examples of Tanaga Poems in Tagalog and English

To start with, let us know what is a Tanaga Poem?

What is a Tanaga Poem?

Tanaga are traditinal Filipino Poetry that has 4 lines (taludtod) and 7 syllables (pantig) in each line. This type of poem consist of ryhmes at the end of every line. These rhyme has patterns that the poet could choose. the rhyme schemes could be in AAAA, ABAB, AABB, ABBB and ABBA.

The tanaga puts poets to the test in terms of rhyme, meter, and metaphor, not only because it is rhymed and measured, but also because it requires skillful use of words to create a problem that demands an answer.

Also called luwa in *Ilonggo, a tanaga is a **pre-colonial Filipino short poem that traditionally contains philosophical ideas and views about the world, events, people, etc.

Now let’s take a look at the Examples of Tanaga Poems in each Rhyme scheme that’s mentioned above.

Examples of Tanaga Poems in Each Rhyme Scheme:

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Here are the list of Tanaga Poem Examples in each Rhyming Scheme.

  1. Example of Tanaga Poem in Tagalog with AAAA Scheme

    Hindi pa ba sapat na
    Pagmamahal na sobra
    Ba’t ngayo’y lilisan ka
    Mayroon na bang iba?

  2. Example of Tanaga Poem in Tagalog with AABB Scheme

    Maari bang sa akin
    Pag-ibig mo’y ibaling
    Nang aking makamtan
    Ligayang inaasam

  3. Example of Tanaga Poem in Tagalog with ABAB Scheme

    Wag sanang masamain
    Ang munting pagtatapat
    Kamay po nya’y hihingin
    Sumpa man, akoy tapat

  4. Example of Tanaga Poem in Tagalog with ABBB Scheme

    Simula pa nung una
    Di na maintindihan
    Wari’y naguguluhan
    Walang matutunguhan

  5. Example of Tanaga Poem in Tagalog with ABBA Scheme

    Nais ng pusong ito
    Sa iyo’y iparating
    Aking nais sabihin
    Salamat sa tulad mo

  6. Tanaga Poem About Love

    Ang kanyang tinging titig,
    Sa sintang iniibig,
    Ay luksong malalagkit,
    May alab din ng init.

  7. Tanaga Poem About Love

    Ating Pag-ibig
    ‘Di sa tayo’ng umibig
    ‘Di tayo’ng nag-alay –
    Unang Dios sa pag-ibig,
    Buhay n’ya’y kanyang bigay!

  8. Tanaga Poem About Love

    Dasal ko sa Bathala
    Sana’y makapiling ka
    Sa luha ko at dusa
    Ikaw ang aking sigla.

  9. Tanaga Poem About Nature

    Ganito nga ang hangin
    Simoy na lalanghapin
    Pilit panatilihin
    Para sa buhay natin

  10. Tanaga Poem About Nature

    Ang ating kalikasan
    Dapat nating mahalin
    Para sa ating lahat
    Ang buhay ay gumanda

  11. Tanaga Poem About Nature

    Sa bughaw nitong pusod,
    Naroon ang nalunod
    Na alaala Sugod
    Sa ilalim ng paglimot

  12. Tanaga Poem About Self

    Magsikhay ng mabuti
    Sa araw man o gabi
    Hindi mamumulubi
    Magbubuhay na hari.


The Tagalog tanaga, which goes back to 1500, has been mistakenly described as the Philippine equivalent of the Japanese haiku.

A tanaga, also known as luwa in Ilonggo, is a pre-colonial Filipino short poetry that traditionally conveys philosophical concepts and viewpoints regarding the world, events, people, and so on.

So that completes our discussion about the Tanaga Poems in English and Tagalog. Hope that this would help you with building your own Tanaga Poems.

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