Birthday Bible Verse for a Woman

Bible Verse for a Woman's Birthday

In this article, you will learn a lot of Birthday Bible Verses. There’s a popular quote that says, “Behind the success of every man, there is a woman.” So every woman deserves to have a special message on their birthday. And what’s more special than giving them special messages that come from the Bible? That … Read more

Best Birthday Wishes from The Bible Verses

Bible Verses for Birthday Wishes for Friend and Husband

Birthdays are one of the most special days for everyone. And to make it ore special, you can add Verses from the Bible that gives best wishes and gladness for a friend or Husband’s Birthday. These Bible verses speaks about joy and happiness for birthday wishes for your husband and friend. Best Birthday Wishes for … Read more

Meaningful Bible Verses to Conquer Struggles in Life

Meaningful Bible Verses about Struggles in Life

There are a lot of meaningful verses in the Bible that can certainly help us conquer our struggles in life. They come from the messages and experiences of the noble people from the Bible. These Bible verses teaches us on what to do when we have struggles and challenges in life. We can get life … Read more

Bible Verses about Hope and Strength for Hard Times

Bible Verse About Hope and Strength in Hard Times

Reading the Bible not just gives us hope but also strength to keep on going despite of the hardships in life. Through the verses about hope and strength, the Bible shows the God’s miracles and His power that he can lift us up during hard times. So whenever you are troubled or tried? seek for … Read more

Bible Verses about God’s Healing and Comfort

Bible Verse About Healing - Comfort for Sickness

We may encounter different challenges and disappointments in life but God’s Healing and Comfort are always there and can be found to the Bible Verses. These scriptures from the Bible are God’s comfort and healing not only to your sickness, mind, body but also for your soul. These words from the scriptures gives you encouragement … Read more

Bible Verses about Hope – Comfort During Hard Times

Bible Verse About Hope - Comfort During Hard Times

We may all experience trials and hardships but there are lots of encouraging words form the Bible that we can apply and read whenever we’re tried. These are words of encouragement from the Bible Verses that gives us hope and comfort during hard times. By reading these Inspirational Bible verses, you will not only see … Read more

Meaningful Bible Verses about Love For God & Family

Bible Verse About Love for God and Family Today

Meaningful Bible Verses about Love – are the scriptures that talks about love. These words gives deeper definition of love different scenarios. The bible verses about all kinds of love are compiled here to emphasize the love of God, family, partner and even enemy. they also are translated in tagalog to make these bible verses … Read more

Bible Verse About Faith and Trust (Tagalog) | Explained

Bible Verse About Faith and Trust (Tagalog) | Explained

Bible Verse About Faith and Trust – are the words of encouragement from God that we can read in trials and bad times. These Bible Verses were translated in Tagalog so you can have more understanding with the words of God. The God’s word which were written in Bible Verse let us know that all … Read more

Bible Verse About Life Purpose Today, September 27, 2021

Bible verse about life struggles, changing and Purpose

Bible Verse About Life Purpose – speaks of God encouragement in times of struggles. This Bible Verse tells us life changing stories and examples that we may apply on our own and have new encouragement everyday. To know your purpose in life, you have to read the bible in the morning and before you end … Read more